Morita-san wa Mukuchi: Silence is golden…

Do not look directly into her eyes! @_@

Morita-san wa Mukuchi is a  Summer 2011 slice-of-life four girl ensemble anime which every episode only runs for about 3 minutes, which would be rather short, but given the content, seems the right lengthwithout dragging on for too long. I havent seen much slice-of-life shows so I don’t know how other shows can do in a half-hour what Morita-san does in three minutes.

The main charatteris Mayu Morita, a 16-year old girl who hangs with her friends, but is always quiet. She never speaks, even when spoken to. She mainly just stares at folks, listen to whatever they say, and thinks to herself. Most of things we hear from her inner thoughts and the occasional snide thoughts of her motormouthed friends. I like this girl already. 😀 Personally I think it’s rather cute, and a change of pace from what I’ve been watching recently, which was some pretty crazy shit, I tell you. So I’m gonna continue watching.

Also she's voiced by Kana Hanazawa! YES! 😀

So yeah, this post sucks, but it’s my first time at this thing so cut me some slack. But I just wanted to get my thoughts out. Isn’t that the basic reason as to why we blog anyway? 😛

I promise to do better next time.

Now I need to find out how the heck this WordPress thing works. 😐

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