Nintendo 3DS News and Price Drop

Here’s a rather unexpected piece of news from Nintendo of America.

Just this morning, Nintendo has announced that the Nintendo 3DS will have a price drop from $249.99 to $169.99 effective August 12. For those who purchase a 3DS and connect it to the internet between the launch day and August 11, Nintendo will offer free downloads of NES games and Game Boy Advance games from the eShop. The GBA games will only be exclusive to the early purchasers, and the NES games will be announced to the public at a later date.

Personally I’m glad that the 3DS is getting a price drop, and that I, who purchased a 3DS within the first launch week, am getting rewarded. Let’s be honest. I haven’t been fully satisfied with the 3DS recently. Since the first 3 months I’ve owned one, all I’ve owned was Super Street Fighter IV. I started regretting buying the 3DS so early. Of course, things started looking up when the June, which a 3DS update containing the Internet Browser and the eShop, as well as games such as Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Of course, one must think of the factors that might’ve played into this move: Like it’s shaky launch performance and to compete with Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Vita.

In other news, Nintendo has announced release windows for upcoming 3DS games and (probably?) final names for Super Mario and Mario Kart: Star Fox 64 3D will be available September 9 (Originally dated September 11). Strange move for Nintendo, releasing a big name game on a Friday instead of a Sunday. Then again, it might have something to do with 9/11. Super Mario 3D Land in November. Mario Kart 7 (Which, if they’re gonna start numbering, they should be calling it Mario Kart 9, if you count the two Arcade Mario Kart games) in December. And Kid Icarus: Uprising for a Holiday release.

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