Why Nura Season 2 is better than Season 1

Yeah, that's basically how it is.

Let’s get one thing clear: Currently I’m loving Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon Capital (Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou).  The sad thing is, I didn’t enjoy the first season this much. Pretty much in every season, there’s always one anime in which watching it becomes a chore, like you don’t enjoy watching it, but you have to keep watching. Unlike fuckin’ Battle Girls: Time Paradox, which I dropped that shit after 5 episodes… 😐

Er… Anyway. I had a bunch of issues that kept me from enjoying Nura Season 1 as much as I wanted to. For example, the slow pacing. I like a kind of show that has a decent pace. But this show has a fuckin’ slow pace even for a shonen series. It’s to the point that I tend to fall behind and not even care. Yeah, when that happens, you know you got yourself a snoozefest. Speaking of snoozefest, I coulda sworn I dozed off during an episode. This is the second time I ever dozed off during a TV show or movie because it was boring, the first being Hulk (The 2003 movie).

I was quite surprised to learn that anime took 12 episodes to cover enough story the manga took two volumes to do. Any other anime has like a what 12 episode-to-maybe 4 or 5 volume ratio, maybe? And for whatever reason, they decided to throw in a recap episode at the end of the 12-episode arc. Not that I cared what happened in the first place. It got even more egregious when they threw out another recap episode at the end of the season. This time, I was smart enough to avoid watching it…

Tsurara Oikawa (Yuki-Onna): Best character in the series!

But enough about that, how was the second arc? Well… about the same. It had some more action than the last arc, but it still bored me to death.

So when I heard that a second season had been greenlit, I was… yeah. I pretty much decided that I wasn’t gonna watch it. But eventually I changed my mind and thought to myself that it probably won’t be as boring as the first season.

I was proven wrong; It’s ain’t boring at all! In fact, It’s to the point that I look forward to waking up every Sunday morning to watch it. The first several episodes started with origin stories, the first episode which is one for the protagonist Rikuo Nura (who’s one-quarter yokai), whose backstory only had a brief mention in the first season, but became more fleshed out in this episode. Another one had an two-part story for his grandparents Nurarihyon and Yo-hime. Not only have the recent episodes been very enjoyable, but it also sets up a possible Big Bad in the yokai responsible for killing Rikuo’s dad.


Also, we learn that Nurarihyon was a fuckin' pimp in his time.


...Not to mention he wastes no time when it comes to tying the knot.

So I can only hope that the second season keeps this up and succeed where the first season failed at. After all, we don’t want me to doze off in the middle of an episode again, do we now? 😉

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