The Mystic Archives of Dantalian – Reading Rainbow, This is not.

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian, also known as Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian (No way am I typing that again…) and Dantalion no Shoka, is a 13-episode light novel-turned-anime produced by Gainax (Hoo boy…) and is airing during the Summer 2011 season.

The story follows a young man named Hugh Anthony Disward, or “Huey”, as he is to inherit his late grandfather Wes’s mansion and library.

"Baa, hand over all your cabbage."

No OP animation this episode, but the opening theme is “Cras numquam scire” by Yucca.

So Huey walks around his dusty old masion and finds a trail leading to the basement. He goes inside the basement…

I wish I had a lighter like that; that thing is bitchin'

…only to find a young girl he initially mistakes for a doll reading a book.


That's no doll, it's a moe moe gothic lolita loli!

The caption on the bottom is the reason why I love watching anime on NicoNico.

Huey tells the girl that he inherited the mansion and that the will also stated for him to look after the titular archives amd someone named Dalian, whom Huey mistakes for a pet. This guy isn’t very bright. The girl thinks so, as she kicks him in the gut before confirming to him that she is Dalian.

Yep, she's a tsundere

As it turns out, Dalian is a friend of Huey’s grampa. Also, she tends to say “yes” in English. She explains that the mystic archives are a set of demonic books and that she is the gateway.


But their discussion is cut short as Huey’s escort, a servant for a man named Henry Conrad, visits. Dalian accompanies him and tells him that Conrad was the one who killed Wes and took one of the Phantom Books, a book from the mystic archives. They arrive at his Conrad’s mansion only to find him dead, and the one responsible is a jester who is a real Knife Nut.

So this is what The Joker's subordinates have been doing recently...


"Look if I didn't have this gun, we'd be dead; so stop complaining."

Huey makes quick work of him along with a lion, which they both find in the next room. Guess Huey’s not as big a dumbass as we all though, eh? Better than most anime protagonists, If I do say so myself. Dalian figures out that the stolen book is an Harlequinade, a turn-up book.

Basically what she meant was "pop-up books"

These Phantom Books were not meant to exist in this world and will bring a curse upon those unfit to possess it. Wes knew this and tried to seal them away, but Conrad took one of them before he could.

So if you own a Phantom Book and can't read worth a shit, you're pretty much screwed..

In the room where the study is, Huey and Dalian finds another denizen of the Phantom Book, a freakin’ fire-breathing dragon!

Um... What kind of circus do these people go to? I don't recall there being dragons.

In order to keep the dragon, as well as the other denizens of the Phantom Books from running loose, Dalian decides to have Huey make a contract with her acknowledge Huey as her gatekeeper or something.

Yeeeeah, I got nothing. Make of this whatever you will...

So Huey uses this book that’s supposed to restrain the dragon. But he’s reading the incantation for about a minute or two while the dragon’s just standing there doing nothing. In any other situation, it’d be like “screw this” and then burn him to a crisp right there and be done with it. But, you know talking is a free action.

That dragon sure is taking his sweet time, now isn't it?

So after they get rid of the dragon, Huey and Dalian find the pop-up book and seal its powers, ending Episode 1. Now let’s go home and eat some sugar coated buns!

The ED is… Well… Watch it and see for yourself, because I can’t really explain it myself. Song is “yes, prisoner” by maRIONnetTE.

Yeah, this really is a Gainax show with a weird-ass ED like this…

So I read the basic description and thought the concept was good, plus Gainax was doing it (Who I need to keep a close eye on after that huge trolling done with the end of Panty & Stocking…) so i figured that I should give this one a watch.  This genre of anime is not what I’ve been watching as of recently. First episode in, I was quite impressed at what I saw, even though I don’t know what the hell’s going on some of the time. This is undoubtedly one anime that I intend on continuing this season.

‘Til next time. Later.

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