Blood-C 6: Whyyyyyyyy?????

The two reasons why I'm still watching this show... And now they're both dead...

Damn it! Why is it that something bad always happens to the cute female characters that I like?!


I wasn’t really planning on blogging this show, but I had to make this post. Holy hell did things go nuts!! I mean, I was sorta guessing that Nene would die this episode, but not Nono! Those twins were adorable, and pretty much made episode 2 and 3 actually worth watching, for me at least. Now it seems that none of Saya’s schoolfriends are guaranteed to survive for the rest of the series. And right afer three episodes of the same thing as episode 1.

Damn it, how could you? They were the best ones…

By the way, I’m not sure if any of the previous episodes was censored at all, but DAMN! were the censors nuts. Basically any action sequence had a black or white censor over the violent parts. It made some of the episode incomprehensible and pretty much tell you to buy the DVD/BD to see all the gore.

But let’s be honest… I probably would be even sadder to see the twins’ uncensored deaths. 😦

I’m gonna go cry in a corner now.

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