Steins;Gate 22: Love and Science

OMG...! I think I just spilled my Dr. Pepper...

I am now officially on board the Rintaro x Kurisu ship after this.

Sweet effin’ Jesus, this recent episode was off the rails!! Even though it wasn’t as suspenseful as other episodes, it sure was hella-dramatic.

Of course it decides not to end without a “Holy Shit!” moment when Rintaro goes into the Beta timeline only to get a call from Suzuha, telling him that he must prevent fuckin’ World War III!!!


GREAT SCOTT!!!! This is heavy!!

It seems that both timelines are screwed,no matter what: Alpha timeline: Mayuri gets killed, SERN perfects time travel and use it to take over the world. Beta: Kurisu gets killed, World War III happens. How will Rintaro get out of this predicament?

I sure as hell am not gonna miss these final two episodes, that’s for sure!!!

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