Steins;Gate 23: Hacking to the Steins Gate


Ok Ok Ok, gotta get it together….

Well as it turns out, saving Kurisu’s life is the key to stopping World War III, and Suzuha has came back to ask Rintaro for his help. In order to prevent World War III, they have to go to July 28 and prevent Kurisu’s death, which will open a third world line known as…


In this episode, the OP is actually the second verse of “Hacking to the Gate”, with somewhat different visuals.

Anyway, Suzuha and Rintaro use the time machine, which can travel back and forth through time, unlike the Alpha time machine which can only travel backwards, to July 28, one hour prior to Kurisu’s death.

So yeah, now we’re back to where it all started. Hence the first episode title “Prelude to Beginning and End”.

So Rintaro gets to the place where he found Kurisu’s body, and Kurisu goes to the same place to look over some notes.

The research notes is actually thesis on time travel, which she planned to show to her daddy, who is actually Professor Nakabachi (The guy that held the conference that Rintaro went to).

He looks over it and decides to steal it and have it published under his name, resulting in a scuffle between father and daughter.

Gee, I don't know. Maybe she takes after her father, perhaps?

So yeah, turns out the Prof is a bit of a jerkass dad who really hates his daughter for being smarter than him. What a prick.

So Rintaro interferes and stops them from fighting. Nakabachi pulls out a knife, but Rintaro takes it away from him. He then grabs a screwdriver and tries to kill Kurisu with it. Rintaro grabs the knife and rushes towards the two and then…

He ends up accidentally killing Kurisu. Yeah, that scream? That was actually Rintaro.

Afterwards, Nakabachi walks away with Kurisu’s notes.

Suzuha and Rintaro return to the Present time. On TV a news report comes on, showing that Nakabachi defected to Russia and that somehow ended up with Mayuri’s lost metal-upa.

What? A Pocket TV? I wish I had one of those things.


Suzuha reveals that Kurisu’s thesis starts off an international time machine arms race which sets off World War III. She then suggest that they go back and prevent Kurisu’s death once more, but Rintaro cannot go through with it anymore, knowing that he is the one that kills her.

Mayuri used Brightslap!

But then Mayuri talks him out of it, telling him not to give up. Suzuha then tells Rintaro that Rintaro’s failure is actually part of the plan as on that day he recieved a video message.

It turns out that it was from Rintaro from 15 years later. The plan is to go back once more, save Kurisu and destroy her thesis. However, it’s impossible to do so unless the Attractor Field convergence is dealt with. And to do that is to make the Rintaro that will kill Kurisu believe that Kurisu is already dead.

That actually sounds like me right about now...

Steins;Gate has never ceased to impress me not once since this show started and it seems that we’re at the end of an long arduous journey. This is it, folks. The end is next week.

BTW the ED is “Sky Clad Observer” by Itou Kanako, which was the Visual Novel’s theme song.

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