“Star Fox 64 3D” Review


First of all, let me say that I am a big fan of the Star Fox series and I pretty much did not think twice about buying the 3DS remake of Star Fox 64 even though I own it on my Wii’s Virtual Console. So the question is, is it worth it?

To start off, the visuals have recieved a massive overhaul. Every single thing you can think of in this game looks better than ever. Between the N64 game and the 3DS remake, there is absolutely no comparison. Combined with the spectacular 3D effect makes this one of the better looking 3DS games right now.

Unlike The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Nintendo went out of the way to redo the soundtrack for Star Fox 64 3D. The Star Fox series have always had a great soundtrack, but for some reason, this redone soundtrack is a hit-or-miss. Some tracks sound well-done (Personal favorites being Katina, Boss Theme C, Zoness, and Aquas) whereas some tracks sound odd to me (Examples: Boss Themes A and B). Also the voices retain the same cheese from 1997, even more so with some (but not all) of the original voice cast on board.

One of the new additions is the use of the gyroscope to control your ship. It works well, but the problem is using it with the 3D effect on unless you can tilt your head along with the 3DS. The game does however have the traditonal button control scheme, which I prefer. Also, the addition of a Score Attack mode, which allows you to replay any stage without having to play through the singleplayer mode, adds even more replay value. Multiplayer has been redone from scratch, with brand new powerups to take on the competition. You can play by yourself against up to three CPU-controlled players or through Single-Card Download Play. Unfortunately, there’s no online play, which is a real shame since the previous Star Fox game for the DS had online play.

Even though I own the Wii Virtual Console version, I still picked up and enjoyed Star Fox 64 3D. Especially since I heard that Nintendo may not make more games in the series if this entry didn’t sell well, I had to show my support, and so should you if you like these kinds of games. Even if you’ve already played the original N64 game, the 3DS remake is not only great nostalgic fun, but one of the more enjoyable 3DS games out right now.

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