Blood-C #10: Everything is lies! EVERYTHING IS LIES!!!!!


Damn you, CLAMP!! Goddamn you!!!

The last two minutes of Blood-C episode 10 has got to be the biggest troll this year. It starts off with Kanako-sensei revealing to Saya that all the books about the Elder Bairns that her dad reads are all fake.

Saya just got Punk'd

And to troll some more, the Motoe twins who supposedly was killed off four episodes back are alive and well. No I’m serious. They’re alive. Should I be happy to see them alive or dumbfounded? I don’t know.

And then Kanako-sensei proceeds to sum up the viewers’ feelings.

If you ask me, this entire show is a farce.

What the fuck is going on here?! It was bad enough that Tokizane was killed off; This just pisses on everything that has happened so far. I can only assume that there’s gonna be some unholy combination of the endings of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Master of Martial Hearts. I can’t believe this is going on for two more episodes and one film!! There better be some infodump next episode, for realz!

Speaking of which, the only way this show has any sign of redemption is if they live up to the next episode preview and have Kanako-sensei and the Motoe twins rape Saya. If that at least happens, then it’ll be worth it. Also it seems that I shouldn’t count Tokizane as dead right now…

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