The Saya Show 11: On the air, Unaware

I think the writers decided to give up this charade and finally admit to us that they were toying with our minds from the very beginning.

Effective immediately, Blood-C will now be renamed The Saya Show.

Why? Because everything about this show is a lie. Everything that has happened up until now has been nothing but one big show set up by “the main cast”, consisting of Kanako-sensei, the Motoe twins, Yuuka, Itsuki, Tokizane, and Fumito just so they can get Saya to remember her true memories.

Even worse: Kanako-sensei seems only to use Saya for personal fame, the Motoe twins are wanted criminals who went along with this thing just so they can get their names clear, Tokizane’s in it just for the money, and who knows why Yuuka and Itsuki are here.

I have given up on this show. This show has officially killed me.

We wasted our entire summer on this show and that’s what the writers are telling us. Just look at the top image and say that sentence doesn’t describe Blood-C‘s viewership in a nutshell.

It’s so bad, I can’t even talk about this show properly. Let’s just say the plot has gotten even more convoluted than Master of Martial Hearts and leave it at that…

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