5 reasons why Guilty Crown will be the shit!

So just recently at their panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta, FUNimation announced that they picked up Guilty Crown, which is set to air later this month. I looked into it and it looks fan-freakin’-tastic. I am instantly sold on this show! Check out the PV below and hit the jump for my 5 reason why this show is gonna be the shit.

1: It’s directed by Tetsuro Araki. The director of Death Note and High School of the Dead. Meaning there will be ridiculously over-the-top scenes such as…

2: Ichiro Okouchi is co-writing. If you’ve already taken notice of the similarities between this show and Code Geass, this is the reason why.

3: Production I.G. is animating. Production I.G. is more or less my favorite animation company and most of the stuff they put out are great. This has got to be their redemption for Blood-C, which was meh.

4: It’s a noitaminA show that’s more than 11 episodes. I’ve seen Eden of the East, Fractale and [C]-Control, all of which were very good, but other than Eden of the East, they never continue on for more than 11 episodes. This one lasts for twice the length. 22 episodes!!!

5: Kana Hanazawa. Need I say more?

So yeah. Guilty Crown. Really looking forward to it! 😀

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