The Mystic Archives of Dantalian 12 (END): Mystic Archives of the Dead

When tsundere lolis meet...

...Violence ensues. No one is safe.

So we’ve reached the finale of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian and what better way to end a show but with zombies?! After all, zombies make everything better!

So it starts off with Huey reading an article in the newspaper about an immortal man who doesn’t die when he’s killed. Huey begins to suspect that this might be the work of another Phantom Book.

Dalian confirms his suspictions and tells him about the Book of Atonement, a book the steals the reader’s soul and turns them into zombies. Then she eyes an easy-to-miss ad about a recently new store that sells buns.


"My sugar-coated bun senses are tingling..."

"Great Scott, desu!"

After they visit the store, all of a sudden, a group of zombies appear. Huey manages to take one out and they make a run for it.

Y'know, Huey would probably be more awesome if he said some of Leon S. Kennedy's snide comments from Resident Evil 4.

Upon closer inspection of the newspaper, Dalian finds that the Book of Atonement has been printed in one of the ads. Apparently, the magic of the Phantom Books are in their words and if they’re copied to any other medium, their magic remains intact. But when Huey looks at his newspaper, his doesn’t have the inscription and assumes that the Phantom Book is influencing the copies sold by the paperboy.

So Huey and Dalian head to the place where the newspapers are created, only to learn that zombies are creating the newspapers and using it to create a zombie apocalypse. They are then greeted by someone who merely goes by the Professor and he seems to know alot about Huey, most particularly that he’s Dalian’s keykepper.

If I know one thing about anime, it's that long-haired bishies that know about our protagonist aren't good.

So the Professor invites Huey and Dalian for tea, only for Raziel (who was introduced in the previous episode) to walk in. She and Dalian quickly recognizes one another. She tells Huey that Raziel is the Red Biblioprincess and that the Professor is her keykeeper. Then the two Biblioprincesses engage in throwing insults at one another.

"Um... I need an adult?"

So then the Professor asks Huey why he became Dalian’s keykeeper. Huey responds that he wanted to save that white-haired girl who keeps appearing throughout the story.

Apparently that was the wrong answer as the Professor shoots him. And then he goes on to say that as they speak more Phantom Books are being contrived, too much for Dalian alone to seal. Huey shoots his gun out of his hand and they then try to make a quick getaway.

"Don't worry. This is only a flesh wound"

Huey asks Dalian to open the bookshelf so that he can go and save that white-haired girl. As he and Dalian run from the zombies in the real world, the bookshelf world is starting to fall apart. But once Huey gets to the gateway out, he finds it locked and the bookshelf’s guardian guarding it, preventing them from leaving. Huey in the real world falls unconscious.

Typical Gainax fashion, a beast with a flaming head as the final boss.

Dalian tries to get him to wake up, and the white-haired girl, who is apparently Dalian’s “other”, calls out to her and asks her to help Huey. Huey inside the Bookshelf is given a Phantom Book from his younger self to use to destroy the zombies and his real world self regains consciousness and reads the book.

"It's dangerous to go alone. Take this."

Remember: If this were any other show, Huey would be eaten alive in mere moments.

Meanwhile, the Professor and Raziel seems to have printed enough copies of the Book of Atonement in the newspapers to create a zombie apocalypse. But then Hal and Flamberge, another Keykeeper/Biblioprincess duo who appeared in a previous episode, arrives and burns them all, and then go to Huey and Dalian’s aid.

"You're fired."

The next day, Huey awakens with Armand (One of Huey’s army subordinates) and Camillia (Huey’s childhood sweetheart) at their side, and Dalian walks in, happy to see him awake… or not. I don’t know.

Tsunderes, I don’t understand them at all. 😐

"So you're awake. Don't get the wrong idea, idiot. It's not like I wanted you to wake up."

Final Thoughts:

Well, to be honest. This show, compared to other shows I’ve watched this season, were better than others. And as much as I despise violent tsunderes, Dalian’s pretty tame compared to most. Too bad there probably won’t be another season, even though there were several hints that it’ll keep going, like there were other Phantom Books to find, the Professor and Raziel are still at large, and we still haven’t had much focus for Hal and Flamberge. That aside, I was satisfied with watching this show.

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