MajiKoi – First Impressions

So I’m gonna keep this short since not much happened in the first episode, which is quite rare since you’d expect the major infodumping in the first episode. Instead the first episode is all non-stop action. So I jumped into MajiKoi Oh! Samurai Girls (Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!) totally blind, unaware of what it’s about (I only found out it was adapted from a visual novel after watching the first episode), so I set my expectations to low on this one.  But even though there was little info about, it pulled me in with its action. From what I can grasp, I can safely say that this is kinda like Baka Test in a Sengoku setting, kinda how the underachieving class do battle with the top class. For a first episode, it’s pretty decent, but I don’t really have any understanding of the characters nor the story. I’m willing to continue if we can get a grasp on the series’ plot and characters in the next few episodes.

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