Guilty Crown 2: Dat Loli Ass

Seriously, there’s like a few random ass shots in this episode, particularly Tsugumi’s. At this rate, we’re gonna have to think of a nickname with this show that incorporates ‘ass’ into the show title. Um… In tonight’s episode, Shu decides to (kinda sorta) man up after discovering his new powers and I lament on how this show’s OST won’t be available until after a month or two… 😦

This episode starts where we last left off, with Shu still out of it after using his new powers. The other GHQ Endlave that’s still standing fires a barrage of missiles which Shu manages to dodge.

So with the help of the rebels overlooking the events, Shu takes out the remaining Endlave. Afterwards, he rushes back to Inori, who has been unconscious since Shu pulled that BFS out of her, which goes back inside of her. Gai contacts Shu via Funell, telling him to take Inori and get out of the area.

Meanwhile, Tsugumi (The Kuroneko-lookalike loli who is Funeral Parlor’s operator) is directing Ayase (Who is Funeral Parlor’s ace pilot, who is handicapped), who is taking on GHQ’s Second Lieutenant Daryl Yan and ends up being overwhelmed by him.

Seems as though Tsugumi operates her control panel by playing Dance Central.

By the way, I get the feeling that Yan is short for Yandere or Yangire, because Daryl comes off as a real asshole.

Blond, check. Bishonen, check. Psychotic, check. Asshole, check. We have ourselves a villain here, ladies and gentlemen.

Seriously, he hates touching and/or being touched by people because he thinks he’ll get infected. I always knew germophobes were pricks and this proves it.

Look, he's wearing gloves so it's not like you're directly touching him. So what's the problem?

Meanwhile Ayase is conversing the mission outcome with Gai, who was expecting that he’d be pissed for breaking an Endlave, but apparently not so.

Calling it right now: Tsundere ace pilot girl who has a crush on the rebel leader.

As it turns out, the Void Genome (the vial that Shu had in the previous episode) was meant for Gai to use. Also, it was one of three vials made which gives the user the Power of Kings, which converts human genomes for the user into power and turns it into Void, or something like that. For example, Inori’s Void manifested into a BFS. Also there are different Voids, depending on the person it’s extrated from.

"You mustn't run away, Shinji-- I mean Shu."

A new situation occurs where the GHQ faction, the Anti Bodies hold hostage residents of Area 14 and intends to kill then, so Gai declares that it’s time for Funeral Parlor to reveal themselves to the world.

So I can assume that with a nickname like "Kill-'em-All" this guy is actually Yoshiyuki Tomino.

So how does “Kill-’em-All” Daryl live up to his name? By beating up a mother for merely touching him, and then proceeding to shoot her simultaneously with the Anti Bodies as they shoot the other civilians. Damn, this guy wants us to hate his guts, don’t he? Eh, he’s gonna die in the worst way possible, I’m sure of it.

Don't deny it, Shu. You know you wanna tap that right now.

With that, FP’s operaton gets started, with FP cornering the Anti Bodies long enough for Shu to extract Daryl’s Void, which manifests into Kaleidoscope, which is some weapon which creates deflector shields or something. It reflects all the enemy fire intended for Gai right back at the Anti Bodies, destroying them all.

With the operation a success, Gai asks Shu to join him, and it seems like he was going to take him up on the offer but…

…apparently not. *sigh* We see him back at school, where a familiar face has appeared.

Episode Thoughts: Well, it’s getting there, but it’s not quite there yet. As much as I’m hoping this series will be great, it still has yet to find its bearings. I’m hoping that it’ll truly pull me in once Shu decides to quit being a wuss and take action. And he’ll have to eventually, what with Inori transferring into his school.

You know, the things Inori says to Shu can be taken waaay out of context...

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