Guilty Crown 3: Guilty Fridge

If you would stop your whining, we would actually care about your feelings...

Some people complain about Guilty Crown being a Code Geass clone. At least this actually has a plot and character, unlike MajiKoi, which seems to be nothing but fanservice.

Anyway, what with Inori transferring into his school, will this affect Shu’s decision of not joining Funeral Parlor? It’d better, kid needs to grow some cojones.

Well apparently not (Damn it…) but as it turns out, Gai does need his help. Someone at Shu’s school witnessed the events at Roppongi in the previous episode, and Shu needs to find him/her. That person was involved in a deal with a drug known as Norma Gene. Gai has the ability to identify the shape of one’s Void, which explains how he was able to know what would come out of Kill-’em-All Daryl, and has already informed Inori of it.

Also Shu starts learning the rules on how to use his powers. Voids can only be drawn from people no older than 17 years (for some as-of-yet-unexplained reason) and anyone who has their Void drawn out will have no memory of the event. So Shu tries it out on the class rep (Whom until I find her name I’m gonna refer to as Anri because she looks kinda like Anri Sonohara from Durarara!!, only nowhere near as boobielicious as her) only for it to fail.

Hmm... Well at least he can get away with copping a feel if his powers fail.


Inori tells Shu that needs to maintain eye contact with his target or else he can’t draw out the Void. Why does no one ever tell him anything? Also, the witness’s Void is in the shape of shears. So he decides to test on Souta, and makes sure to look into his eyes. His Void turns out to be a camera. After getting the hang of his power, Shu begins to seek out the witness by running around school and extracting other classmates’ Voids.

Pulling stuff out of guys too? Didn't know Shu went both ways. 😉

Someone's got a fridge inside of them?! What is this, I don't even...

When Shu asks more about Voids, Inori states that one’s Void is basically the shape of one’s heart. So I guess some people have hearts in the shape of BFSs, cameras, vases, pliers, and refrigerators. Makes sense to me! 🙂

So Shu has a run-in with another classmate Yahiro and reveals that he was the witness. After a brief dispute, Shu extracts his Void, which was the shears.

After Yahiro regains consciousness, he makes a truce with Shu to not mention Funeral Parlor or Norma Gene to anyone.

There's nothing like bonding with your new bro with a can of Dr. Ginger.

So afterwards Shu and Inori are on the train, only for them to stop at where GHQ soldiers are standing guard. Shu ends up getting pushed out of the train by Yahiro and then getting arrested.

Should've drank Dr. Pepper instead...

Great, another psychopath. Is it just me or is this anime season full of psychopaths?

Episode Thoughts: Yeah I actually felt like blogging the second half, because that was the more interesting part of the episode for me, watching Shu learn how his powers work. Knowing how Death Note and Code Geass went out with their protagonists using their respective powers in other innovative ways while still abiding by the rules, it’d be really awesome to see that happen. That aside it seems like the GHQ is starting to catch on to Shu and his powers.

Damn, I still can’t believe dude sold him out like that…

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