X-Men Anime 1 & 2: Putting the Band Back Together

So yeah, I’m gonna blog X-Men anime as it airs on G4. It’s the third of four Marvel Comics 12-episode anime produced by Madhouse Studios that first aired in Japan during the Spring 2011 season. Out of all the Marvel Anime, X-Men seems to be the only one that interest me. As much as I like Iron Man and Wolverine, their anime series don’t seem to appeal to me all that much, and I’m not that big of a fan of Blade. I loved the 90’s animated series and the film series (Yes, even The Last Stand and Origins: Wolverine, as weak as those movies was.)

For those unfamiliar with X-Men, it’s basically about the titular group of humans born with mutated genes that fight evil in a world where normal humans judge mutants.

So X-Men starts off with the team, consisting of Cyclops (Scott Summers), Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett), Storm (Ororo Munroe), and Beast (Dr. Hank McCoy) in the midst of battle with Jean Grey (Uh… Jean Grey?) who is under the control of the Phoenix force, thanks to the Inner Circle. The resulting battle ends with Jean dead.

One year has passed, the Xavier Institute has closed and the X-Men disbanded. But when a young female mutant named Hisako Ichiki goes missing, Professor X (Charles Xavier) calls upon the team to reassemble.

So the X-Men are at their daily lives while they receive the call from the Professor.

At least those pirates can say "I was frozen today".

Cyclops stands near Jean's grave, thinking to himself how long he has until he's killed off abruptly.

Beast finds himself instructing a class where the students never question why their teacher is a furry.

Wolverine learns the hard way how much of a bitch airport security can be sometimes.

That's what she said. (By the way, the above line wasn't added for shits and giggles, that is an actual quote from the episode.)

The X-Men, except for Cyclops, meets back up and are asked to go to Japan to investigate the cause behind Hisako’s disappearance. But first, Wolverine and Storm are sent to get Cyclops back. Because apparently they’re not the X-Men without him. Yeah right. Cyclops is sitting alone at the ruins of their previous battle, still down after Jean’s death. Wolverine and Storm go to talk some sense into him, which results in a little scuffle between Wolverine and Cyclops.

"Look here, bub. Don't take it out on me 'cause you got killed off in the third film."

"Just the third film? The whole freakin' trilogy was all about you, ya jackass!!"

Eventually Cyclops comes back to his senses and rejoins the team, as the X-Men set off to Japan, ending the first episode. In the next episode,  Beast is using a portable version of Cerebro that he and the Professor constructed to help track down Hisako.

Steve Jobs is probably smiling in Heaven at the creation of the newest Apple product, iCerebro.

Meanwhile, we see someone named Sublime talking with someone probably at a higher position than him, who seems to have predicted the X-Men’s intervention…

The X-Men arrive at the Ichiki’s residence and learn that Hisako isn’t the only mutant who has went missing recently. As it turns out, the area where the Ichikis live is extremely prejudiced against mutants and the families of the missing are too afraid of filing a police report out of fear of prejudice. Wolverine suspects that the U-Men, an anti-mutant faction may be involved with the missing mutants. Just then, Hisako’s mother gets a call that another one has gone missing.

Beast and Storm head to the missing boy’s family and Cyclops and Wolverine head to the boy’s employer to ask questions about him. When Cyclops and Wolverine asks the store manager, it turns out the boy has been missing for longer than they originally suspected. He was delievering groceries at a house at the foot of the nearby mountain when he dissappeared. And then the guy starts talking shit about him being a mutant which pisses them off.

Meanwhile, Beast and Storm learn that the boy’s grandfather wasn’t the one who phoned the Ichikis. The phone call was a set-up by the U-Men as both teams find themselved ambushed. They each manage to repel off the pursuers and Storm trails the remaining one to where the U-Mem may be located.

I swear these has to be those bikes from Tron.

It'd be really awesome if Storm did her dramatic proclamations when she uses her powers, kinda like in the '90s series.

As it turns out the U-Men have been capturing mutants and performing experiments on them in order to duplicate their abilities. This makes looking for Hisako an even higher priority.

For whatever reason, this version of Storm gets tired after using her powers.

The X-Men find what appears to be an abandoned medical research facility where the U-Men are performing their experiments. There they find one of the experimented mutants who they immediately recognize as the missing boy, then he turns into something ugly. I mean Resident Evil final boss ugly!

The X-Men take him out, with Cyclops dealing the finishing blow. Afterwards, the boy tells him that there are other mutants that need their help before dying. Afterwards, Wolverine punches Cyclops, who’s still shaken up after Jean’s death and tries to convince him to man up.


The X-Men find the operations room where they locate Hisako, and even more. As it turns out, even The White Queen (Emma Frost) was being held here as well.

Episode Thoughts: I didn’t feel like posting Episode 1 alone since it seemed like the first half of an episode. Anyway, this is off to a good start. It seems to me that the U-Men may be the villains here, which probably shoots down any chances of the Brotherhood of Mutants being involved. The dynamic between Cyclops and Wolverine seems to be reversed here, which as Wolverine puts it is a real problem. Even moreso with him angsting about Jean being dead. I’m hoping that Cyke can get it together or else it might cause problems with the rest of the team.

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