X-Men Anime #3 and #4: God Save Us from the White Queen

Dang, am I getting lazy? The first two episodes I had a good reason to blog together; These two, not so much. Speaking of lazy, is it just me or did the animation take a serious nosedive in episode 4?

Seriously, look at Hisako! She looks like she put on about 30 pounds or something! Ok, onto the blogpost. I’m already late…. *ahem*

Previously on X-Men

The X-Men find more than what they expected when they see not only Hisako, but Emma Frost of the Inner Circle held captive by the U-Men. Why is she here and what involvement did she have with Jean’s death?

As they see Emma held captive, the X-Men can’t help but suspect her, what with her involvement with the Inner Circle and Jean’s transformation. Cyclops recalls that he saw Emma behind Jean, but the rest of the team didn’t see her.

Instead of killing her right there, they decide to awaken her and question her. Meanwhile, Kick is watching them and gathering their data to use against them. When Emma awakens, she states that she wasn’t there when Jean wen’t berserk and that the Inner Circle disbanded after the battle. As it turns out, the Ichikis had hired Emma to tutor Hisako and help her develop her mutant powers because the Xavier Institute wasn’t available at the time.

When she arrived at Northern Japan, Emma noticed that her telepathy has no effect on the area, same with Cerebro. Once she had arrived to the place where Hisako had disappeared, she was then ambushed and captured by the U-Men.

After they listen to Emma’s story, the X-Men find themselves attacked by drones and Cyclops, Wolverine and Beast fight them off.

Back at the Xavier Institute, Professor X tries to use Cerebro again to focus around the area of Northern Japan, but to no avail. At the same time, he sees a boy and he suspects that it might have something ot do with someone he knew named Yui.

The X-Men find themselves in another lab, where they find organs harvested by mutants… along with Kick. Having analyzed their strengths and weaknesses, the team find themselves overwhelmed by Kick.

It's probably just me, but it seems that the length of Wolverine's claws are never consistent...

Cyclopes fires a super optic blast (I don’t know, it looked more stronger than normal blasts.) which temporarily disables Kick…


But then Kick takes his attack towards Emma and Hisako. At that moment, Hisako’s powers awaken and she takes out Kick by herself. Afterwards, Hisako starts losing control and the X-Men try to talk her into regaining control. With Cyclops’ and Emma’s influence Hisako’s powers go back to normal.

Everyone starts to believe that Emma may not have been involved with Jean’s death. However Cyclops still has his doubts. With the missing mutants freed, the X-Men decided to head back to the Ichikis to return Hisako, but she is then attacked by Kick one last time, ending Episode 3.

In Episode 4, Emma steps in to take the blast, but she is unaffected due to additional powers surfacing and protecting her. Emma also has a secondary ability which she can turn her body into diamond, along with her telepathy.


The X-Men then dispose of Kick for good. Afterwards, Beast analyzes Emma and notices that her secondary powers manifested in emotional stress.

"You know what they say: Diamonds..."

...are forever."

As the X-Men return Hisako to her parents, Beast decides that Emma should accompany them back to New York to analyze her mutation further. However, Cyclops is reluctant against the idea. When Hisako hears of this, Hisako decides to come with them so she can stay close to Emma and learn more about her powers.

As they fly back to New York, the X-Men find themselves attacked by another one of the U-Men’s experimented mutants and Wolverine goes out to get rid of it. You’d expect Storm to go out there since she’s the one with flight. Eh. Anyway, Wolverine manages to restrain the mutant and bring him in so Beast can see to him.

The X-Men return to the Xavier Institute and Beast examines the mutant, but during the examination, his powers go haywire and kills himself. Even though it seems the U-Men is behind all this, test results found a virus that attacks the mutant genome. The Professor begins to fear the worst…

Episode Thoughts: Things are getting good, and I’m enjoying it! It seems that there might be a bigger threat than the U-Men. Crossing my fingers that Magneto show up eventually!! XD

Sorry I was late with this. I promise next blogposts in X-Men Anime will be single episodes from now on.

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