Guilty Crown #6: Government Full of Crazy

"I'mma pop sum caps in yo' punk asses!"

Here are some things I’ve heard about gun safety. I’ve learned that holding a gun Gangsta Style is totally impratical, because the recoil of shooting a gun that way will pretty much throw the user’s sight off. Same goes for wielding two guns at once since a gun is meant to be handled with two hands and one hand alone won’t be able to handle the recoil. So what do these interesting facts have anything to do with this? Nothing. This is anime, it makes up it’s own physics and pisses on ours.

Whoa there, Kenji. You're giving the yaoi fangirls some good material to work with.

So Kill-’em-All Daryl is back. And he’s still psychotic as ever. Yeah, I don’t like this guy. Aside from his batshit insane personality, he’s a spoiled brat who gets pissy whenever he doesn’t get his way.

This guy acts way too obsessive over his old Endlave. I wonder if he knows Moeka Kiryuu...

Speaking of psychotic: That pen that Segai gave Shu was apparently supposed to signal the Leucocyte to target the pen and fire at it when its buttons were pushed. And Segai wanted Shu to push the buttons when he was near Gai. I can only assume that Segai was willing to make Shu blow up Gai and himself (and maybe all of FP) in one shot. Crazy nutcase…

By the way, it seemed that Gai had knew about the pen. I would imagine that Ayase might have gave him the pen off-screen last episode and Gai used it just to see what would happen. That would probably explain why he was angsting about one of his comrades getting killed by the satellite.

Also, this character, whom, until his name is revealed, I’m giving the nickname “GHQ Psychopath #3”. For all we know, he’s probably just as crazy as Daryl and Seiga.

What I assumed about Shu’s power is that he could eventually use more than one Void at once, even being able to combine them. This episode seemed to prove my assumption correct as Inori’s Void combined with Kenji’s to form… a buster sword-rifle thing.

Seriously, what kind of weapon is this supposed to be?

Also, about Inori. Is this girl a relative of her? Or maybe Inori’s a clone of her? (I’m still betting on the latter.) I’m thinking she’s that person that Gai mentioned.

We’ll probably find out in the later episodes to come, but I thought this one was a good episode nonetheless.

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