Guilty Crown #7: It’s Party Time! P-A-R-T Why? Because I Gotta!

On tonight’s Thanksgiving episode of Guilty Crown, some stuff(ing) happens.

That’s the only food-related pun I’m doing, so don’t worry.

OK, so the episode starts with Shu and Inori returning to school. As one might expect, everyone at school has become suspicious of Shu since he was arrested. However, the student council president Arisa Kuhouin.What’s even more suspicious is that Yahiro hasn’t come to school since that day.

A very interesting question. We must investigate!

First of all, let me get this outta the way: Damn, Shu’s mom is a MILF! Seriously, the moment I saw her I thought she was his sister or something. I don’t know why Shu refers to her mom by her first name, though.

Misato Katsuragi, is that you?

Well, I don't see why not.

Meanwhile, Kill-’em All Daryl and Major Segai meet their new CO, Colonel Dan Eagleman, who has the grand idea of setting anti-aircraft missiles horizontally and firing them towards a cruise ship at sea. …Yeah.

This guy needs to throw some Engrish around, then he'd be even more awesome.

Anyway, said cruise ship is holding a party held by the Kuhouin Group, a group that has some hostility towards the GHQ. Shu and Gai are on that ship as well, so Gai can have a talk with the group’s head, Arisa’s grandfather. Shu ends up getting nervous seeing his mom (who works at GHQ, I believe) as well as Arisa, so he decides to have Gai put the moves on Arisa…

...Like a boss!

Anyway, Eagleman’s group get the missiles ready and Shu and Gai are informed that they’re being targeted. After Gai finishes talking with Arisa’s grandfather, Gai has Shu extract Arisa’s Void, which is some sorta shield to block the incoming missiles. It also creates fireworks.

Somehow, blocking missles with Nutcracker music playing in the background makes this both cheesy and awesome.

After seeing Shu’s power, Arisa’s grandfather decides to support Funeral Parlor in their operations. Also at the end, Shu’s mom is looking at an old photo, and it seems to imply that she knows who Inori is. Or maybe she knows someone who resembles her.

Episode Thoughts: Well, this was a decent episode; Not as good as some episodes so far but it held up well. Dan’s an awesome character BTW, and it’s good to see a GHQ member who isn’t psychotic. We totally need to see more of him! By the way, I think I’m gonna start shipping Gai/Arisa.

One thought on “Guilty Crown #7: It’s Party Time! P-A-R-T Why? Because I Gotta!

  1. Dan Eagleman

    Dan Eagleman is the hero who saved the story at cost of his own life

    as a final honor to Dan:

    Colonel Eagleman: dissmist you have done well


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