Haganai #3 – #5: I seriously need to catch up…

Seriously, Why the heck am I not blogging this show? It’s just too fun for me not to. I haven’t enjoyed a show like this so much since Zombie back in the Winter season.

∀ Gundam reference = Effin' Win! 😀

Anyway, what with the cast gathering and all, there’s more fun to be had at the Neighbors Club. The newest members consist of…

  • Kobato, Kodaka’s cute little sister, who’s really into this show called “Full Metal Necromancer”. Also she thinks that she’s under the impression that she is a centuries-old vampire known as Rasis Vi Felicity Sumeragi.
  • Maria Takayama, the 10-year old teacher/nun at the academy who’s also the club advisor. She thinks of Kodaka as her “Onii-chan”, much to Kobato’s dismay.
  • Yukimura Kusunoki, a guy… uh… girl? er… a Hideyoshi who joined the Neighbors Club so that he/she/it can become even more manlier.
  • And Rika Shigumi, a science genius who’s fell for Kodaka after he saved her from a lab experiment that went wrong. She’s also into mecha hentai doujins. Apparently, they do exist. And they’re alot dirtier than you’d expect.

This show is just incredible. I don’t usually enjoy comedies as much as I do other genres, but this one just seems to never stop being fun to watch!


Nothing better than Loli-to-Loli combat

So yeah, I might as well get to blogging Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. I’d better start catching up, then. >_>

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