X-Men Anime #5: Cyclops is a Jerk

Seriously, dude treats Hisako and Emma like dirt for most of this episode.

Wolverine was right when he said he was a dick. >_>

The episode starts off with Hisako fighting a Sentinel (A giant robot created by the government to capture or destroy mutants). She loses. Lucky for her, it was just a Danger Room simulation.

Cyclops begins to question what Emma’s been teaching Hisako, and starts talking shit about them both. See? Told you he was a dick.

Anyway, the Professor discusses to Beast about the virus that seems to be affecting the mutants caused by the U-Men and decides to have the X-Men go back to Northern Japan to look into the matter further. But first, he decides to have Hisako and Emma join the X-Men. Of course, Cyclops has his objections.

Anyway, the rest of the team comes to think that it might’ve been Mastermind (AKA Jason Wyngarde), the leader of the Inner Circle, that Cyclops saw. Since Mastermind can create illusions, it wouldn’t be a problem for him. However, no one has any idea where he went after the Inner Circle disbanded.

Meanwhile, Cyclops informs Hisako that she and Emma has been recruited into the X-Men and takes her to the Danger Room for training. There, Cyclops has her face off against himself. So he starts shooting optic blasts at her as he convinces her to use her powers to protect himself against him.

Eventually, Hisako uses her powers, but ends up losing control over them again. Cyclops tells her not to let them control her, saying the same thing he said to Jean word for word. Hisako gains control of her powers again, but she’s not convinced that she can control them. Storm talks to Hisako about how she was in the same position as her before she met the Professor and what she achieved from understanding her powers.

At least New York is getting snow. Here in Chicago, we still have yet to get even an inch.

Emma proposes to the Professor to project her pas thoughts to the rest of the team. They witness the events of her childhood, her college life, the moment she met Mastermind and joined the Inner Circle, the moment when she left, and the moment when she went into mentoring young mutants. The very last moment happened around the same time Jean had died. Fully convinced that she was not involved with Jean’s death, Cyclops apologizes to Emma.

Afterwards, the X-Men are assigned back to Northern Japan to deal with the mutant virus and to aid any mutants that have been infected, and to investigate the reason why that area is a telepathic dead zone.

Episode Thoughts: Hoo, I finally managed to get to this. I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t had the time to type this blog out. Anyway, this was another good episode. Even though Cyke was a real jerk through this episode, he had a good reason to. It might have been the only way to convince Hisako to control her powers. Also, like the Professor, I’m beginning to think that everyting that has happened up until now may be connected…

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