The Future Diary #6 and #7: Home Alone 5

On his free time, Deus Ex Machina likes to watch people on the toilet. Who knew?

Yeah, might as well blog this too. But before I do, a quick recap.

Minene (9th) loses an eye. Yukki does something that disturbs the continuum. Yuno’s still batshit insane. Yomotsu (12th) was too awesome of a character to stay alive. Tsubaki (6th) tries to have her cult rape Yuno, which goes as you’d expect.

So with that, 3 players down, 9 to go.

And now, the sort of dynamic duo of Yukki and Yuno face off against Reisuke Houjou (5th).


Episode(s) Thoughts:

Damn. I never expected a kid to get caught up in all this! I knew everyone in the show was messed up, but wow. A kid who’s probably still in Kindergarten and yet he sets up traps around the house like a psychotic, bloodthirsty Kevin McAllister.

And what’s the deal with Yukki’s mom? She’s got four photo albums filled with nothing but naked baby photos of Yukki. Four albums! One or two photos is fine enough, but four albums? I’m betting some sick son of a bitch might get ahold of one of those albums.

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