Haganai #6 – #8: Karaoke, Cell Phones, and Swimsuits

Just because I can, I'm gonna post this.

The fun at the Neighbors’ Club continues as they realize that all they’ve been doing up until now is play video games.

Hmmm… OK.

Well, it’s summertime. They better occupy their time with some other activities.

In Episode 6, the group decides to make activities during the summer break. First stop is the karaoke box. And things get serious as Sena and Yozora go at it to rack up the leaderboards.

In Episode 7, because the group can’t organize their schedule well, they have to resort to exchanging cell phones numbers to keep track. That works… the way you would expect.

And in Episode 8, the club goes to the pool only to find it filled with people! Also, a light-hearted video game that Sena played takes a suddenly dark turn…

OMG, shirtless trap!!

Also that shit-out-of-nowhere Bad End. Is it so wrong that I laughed my ass off at that scene? 😀

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