Morita-san wa Mukuchi S2 #9 and #10

OK so I decided to see if the Girl with Glasses actually has a name. She doesn’t, as I’m aware of. The opening credits states her as “Meganekko”. Eh. Probably won’t matter anyway.  😛

Mayu’s plans to go to the movies with her friends are cut short when she falls sick with a cold.

How very convienent that she just so happens to have a "Yes" pillow and a "No" pillow

Thank God it's not green. I tell you, after watching Steins;Gate, green jello terrifies me.


The girls get worried when Miki is late for school. Things get worse when they find out that she’s been in a traffic accident!

Wait, she's fine...? No broken bones?Oh no! She bumped into a pole! Somebody call an ambulance!!

Why are you crying, Mayu? All Miki did was just scrape her kness on a car. No idea how that's even possible. Now if this were an actual traffic accident. In other words, the car hit Miki...

Remember, kids: Should you ever bump into a car, be sure to seek medical attention immediately. Oh, and look both ways for traffic.

If the previous season is of any indication then there’ll be 13 episodes. So if that’s that case, I’ll finish up all three episode on one entry in three weeks!

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