Guilty Crown #9: A Lost Christmas Story

I swear, everytime Segai appears, he’s always doing something creepy. He puts a gun to a nun’s mouth and threatens to shoot her ? Yeesh!

So I’m gonna skip all the girly stuff that happens in the first six and a half minutes and just start to where the drama starts. Because let’s be honest. After last week’s episode, who actually cares about this kind of stuff?

Didn’t think so.

So Shu runs into his old pal, Yahiro. You remember Yahiro, right? The guy who bonded with Shu over a drink of Dr. Ginger and then proceeding to stab him in the back? Yeah, him.

As it turns out, the reason why Yahiro sold Shu out to the GHQ was because so that he can get inside the hospital where they’re holding his Apocalypse Virus-infected brother, Jun and break him outta there. Since then, they’ve been on the run from the GHQ.

But the GHQ is on their tail with Dan Eagleman at the helm. So Dan, what crazy scheme do you have this episode? Using Kill-em-All Daryl and his Endlave to apprehend Jun. Well, that’s not as crazy as firing anti-aircraft missiles towards a cruise ship. Wait… Yeah, it is! Do you really need an Endlave to catch this kid?

This show needs an episode centering on how much more American Dan can get. Next thing you know, he's gonna be wearing a flag on his head.

Segai, your scary face here makes you look even more unsettling.

So Shu calls up Funeral Parlor and asks Ayase if they can harbor Jun. And I just love how he just gives out commands to Ayase like he’s the boss or something. So they take Jun to the meeting place, only to be ambushed by Anti Bodies. And now Shu starts acting like Lelouch.

Seriously, when did he pick up this set of mind at?

So after a brief argument about not betraying your friends and all that stuff, Shu draws out Yahiro’s Void. Honestly I don’t know what he’s gonna do with a pair of shears. It’s not like the GHQ have some bushes that needs trimming. 😛

OK why does his HUD censor his face? That doesn't make sense.

Well, apparently those shears are pretty awesome as he can fight off an Endlave’s grappling hook.

So Daryl shoot off some more grappling hooks and then they redirect towards Jun because apparently the Apocalypse Cancer and the Void have the same readings (FORESHADOWING!).

Ow! That's gotta hurt! Much to my surprise, he's not dead, let alone have any bones broken.

So then the Apocalyse Cancer migrates into Daryl’s Endlave and then it turns into this crazy Evangelion-looking thing.

Getting a little Eva in here...

And it apparently had Jun’s consciousness or something because it walks up to Yahiro’s unconscious body and tries to kill him. So Shu tries to use his super-shears to attack only to find himself in a vision of the moment right before Lost Christmas happens.

Now it's starting to look like Terminator 2.

Jun asks Shu to use the Void to end his life. He explains that being infected with the Apocalyse Virus gave him the ability to see Voids (MORE FORESHADOWING!) and that Yahiro’s Void has the power to end one’s life. And you know about how Voids represent people’s feelings, well apparently Jun saw the ugly side of Yahiro and he wants to die without him hating his brother.

Wheel of Morality, turn, turn, turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn.

So after all that is done, Yahiro wakes up and Shu tells him that Jun’s dead.

Episode Thoughts: Damn. That was… Yeah. Weird. As if Shu and Yahiro’s friendship wasn’t already shaky enough, this happens. Who knows where they’ll go from here? And then there’s Hare who I think might’ve overheard him.

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