Haganai #9: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

I swear, Sena is lolicon for Kobato. I can't blame her, so am I... >_>

I’ve got better things to do than to watch Spike TV’s Video Game Awards, like not watching Spike TV’s Video Game Awards and watching Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai instead.

So because going to the pool last episode didn’t go so well, Yozora decides to declare Swimsuit Day at the Neighbors’ Club, where everyone is to wear a swimsuit. Okay, nothing wrong there other than Yozora’s… strange choice of swimwear.

Either that, or Yozora's been watching Tom Green.

Since there’s too many people at the beach, Sena tells the group about his dad’s private summer house, which has its own beach. Later that day, Sena invites Kodaka and Kobato to her place so she can meet her dad.

So Kodaka and Kobato heads to the Kashiwazaki house where they are greeted by Sena’s dad Tenma, who is quite embarassed at the fact that his name is read as “pegasus”.

And the house’s steward, Stella, who believes that direct eye contact with the opposite sex will lead to pregnancy.

+1 to Kodaka's harem.

So after dinner, Tenma decides to have Kodaka and Kobato spend the night at the house. While Sena and Kobato take a bath together, Tenma and Kodaka have a drink… of grape juice. OK, Kodaka drinks the grape juice and Tenma has the wine.

You can actually pinpoint the moment where he goes from "Sober" to "Drunk" to "So drunk, you can't even say two words without slurring" to "Wasted".

After Tenma falls into a drunken sleep, we’re treated to some fanservice from Kobato and Sena.

You know what I really like about this show compared to most romantic comedies: You would expect the girl to hit the guy for looking at her naked. But she doesn’t. Instead, she does this…

Man, I love this show! 😀

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