The Future Diary #9: I Have 0 Friends… and 1 Psycho Girlfriend

Live and Let Die...FIGHT!

In this episode of The Future Diary, Hinata Hino (10th) and Aru Akise (??th) face off!

If you haven’t figured that out by the Versus Character Splash-esque screen.

So as it turns out in a flashback one week prior to the current events, Hinata is actually the daughter of, and proxy for the real 10th, Karyuudo Tsukishima, who entered the game so that when he becomes God, he can turn back time.

Back to the present time, Hinata tells Akise that she only wants his diary. Akise agrees on one condition: They play a game where they toss a coin and guess which hand holds the coin, and they both put their diaries on the line. So the game starts and on the first round,  Akise guesses right. Round 2: Hinata guesses wrong.

Hinata releases Yukki at Akise’s request. Meanwhile, Yuno is rather suspicious at how Akise’s diary didn’t make any noises when the future changed and asks him which number he is. After looking through his cellphone, she finds no entries in his diary, meaning Akise isn’t a diary user.

As it turns out, everyone was convinced Akise had a diary so he decided to just play along and that his guesses were just sheer luck. Yuno isn’t amused at all by this…

"...that is a crime punishable by death!"

So the final round begins and Akise puts himself on the line for Yukki’s diary.

Oooh yes, lesbian subtext!! 😀


Akise has a plan to outsmart Hinata’s diary. He guesses right, but Yuno covers Yukki’s ears so that he doesn’t hear that so he pretends that he guessed wrong so that Yukki’s diary changes depending on his outlook. So Hinata lost, Mao tries to destroy Yukki’s diary, but is stopped by Yuno. After that, they all leave and Hinata release the hounds on them.

In another flashback, Kurusu reveals that Deus forbade Tsukishima’s request for a transfer of diary possession so as not to let any players leave the game.

Sure is a lot of CGI used in this show.

So the group decides to split up so as to keep the dogs off Yukki’s tail so he can find Hinata, but Yuno has plans of her own.

"Let's ditch these losers and make out, Yukki!"

Yukki should consider joining the Neighbors Club.

So Yukki and Yuno runs back to where Hinata is…

Also there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of Yuno's panties. Just thought you should know.

…and Yuno just wants to kill Hinata so that Yukki doesn’t fall for her, but Yukki just wants her to be her friend and convinces everyone that Yuno is his girlfriend.

"When I tell you to get back in the kitchen, you get your ass back in the kitchen."

After all that, Tsukishima communicates with Hinata, who was watching everything somehere else, telling her not to grow up like him before Kurusu appears behind him and shoots him.

Thoughts: For someone who isn’t a diary holder, Akise sure can hold his own against one. I don’t know, dude is really suspicious to me. The fact that he reminds me so much of Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion (They share the same seiyuu too) makes him look even more suspicious…

5 players down, 7 to go.

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