X-Men Anime #6 – #8: A Cold Reception

I’m gonna do this every time Beast pulls those glasses out. It’s just too fun! 😀

With the news of a virus affecting mutants, the X-Men, along with their new teammates Hisako and Emma, head back to Japan to give aid to the infected and find the cause of this, but end up finding more than what they expected when they meet the Professor’s old acquaintance, Dr. Yui Sasaki, and find out her dark secrets. And Professor X heads to Japan himself after learning the truth about the boy in his visions.

Yeah… I fell behind again so I’m gonna make this short and quick as possible. The last 4 episodes will be blogged individually, and I mean it this time!!

Whatever Yui is hiding, she can’t hide it anymore seeing as now the X-Men are onto her. At this point, she’ll have to start fessing up to what she’s doing. But what really caught me by surprise is that the boy that Professor X keeps seeing in his vision was actually his and Yui’s son. Should I question how he was able to knock her up despite being crippled? 😛

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