Guilty Crown #10: The End of Guilty Crown

Lord have mercy, he’s snapped. In just a few short moments, Shu will bring about the end of the world as we know it.

Everyone, it has been an honor.

The episode starts off with Funeral Parlor in the middle of an operation which goes wrong when Shu freezes up, since he’s still shaken up after killing Yahiro’s brother last episode, and they’re forced to abort.

We get a flashback to when Inori? was infected with the Apocalypse Virus. I’m still suspecting that Shu, Inori, and Gai all knew each other prior to Lost Christmas and possibly the Apocalypse Virus altered their memories or something.

So Gai’s meeting with Arisa’s grandfather and he mentions something about Gai being “his” son.

Um… Who’s “him”, exactly? Mind letting us in?

You hear that? That is the sound of the Gai/Arisa ship getting torpedoed.

So now Shu’s angsting and tells Ayase that he’s quitting, but she and Gai decides that they aren’t gonna put up with this bullshit anymore. So he lets him go and pulls Inori out too.

Now how did Ayase get ahold of a school uniform? Is she attending school here too, or did she beat up some girl and steal her uniform?

Shu heads home and then right when Inori is about to show him her new song, he freaks out again, calls her a monster, which causes her to leave. Way to go, Shu. Now we’ll never hear her new song.

You know in this day and age, we have USB drives and SD cards to save our music to. And in 2039, they store their music on these little green things that looks like they can be easily broken. What I'm trying to say here is if technology is going to be so advanced in the future, then this thing shouldn't break like that. Hell, I found a USB drive this summer that I lost last year, and that sucker survived the 2011 Snowpocalypse and this thing shatters into pieces almost instantly! Makes you wonder if technology in the future will be taking steps backwards.

So the GHQ is going to see off Major General Yan, who I assume is the boss of everything here, and he’s taking the meteor rock that Keido acquired. By the way, you know what cracks me up about Kill-’em-All Daryl? Dude can go from chill to pissy in a blink of an eye. Observe.

OK, so Funeral Parlor is preparing a recovery operation to get back the meteor rock. Meanwhile, Keido, who has been imprisoned since a few episodes back spills the beans to Haruka about Shu posessing the Void Genome, and that he and Inori are with Funeral Parlor.

So the operation starts and Segai reveals that he set up an additional security camera channel, which somehow allows him to stay one step ahead of FP. Talk about being crazy prepared. Meanwhile, Gai and his team board the plane only to find out that it was a trap.

And so Segai activates the meteor rock, while making a face that fully convinces me that he is very much indeed The Joker of Guilty Crown. and then the animators decides to spin him right round, baby, right round like a record, baby right round round round just to prove that point. We get it, show, he’s a madman. Do you really have to do this? Especially when the internet we are in has the ability to turn anything and everything into a meme. I’m beginning to think that we might have the next Reispin on our hands. Ok, I need to get back on track.

Meanwhile, Shu is still moping and then he asks Hare to comfort him. It goes well until he pretty much tells her that she’s the only person that can be there for him because she loves him.

And that goes well as she smacks him for being a dick and using her as a rebound for Inori. So the activated meteor rock causes a genomic reaction that recreates Lost Christmas. And this is all part of Keido’s plan.

So I take it you're pretty much saying the GHQ was the cause behind Lost Christmas, right?

Episode Thoughts: Damn! Things just went to Hell now. I know that this is the halfway point but Shu better get it together soon. Although, judging by the look at the next episode preview, he might. And WTF, stop trying to make Daryl sympathetic.

I'm sorry, who were you again?

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