The Future Diary #10 & #11: Betrayed at 14

OK, so I didn’t find episode 10 all that interesting to me. It was basically a backstory of Minene, which I would’ve been interested in if MurMur wasn’t trying to make it look silly, so I’m gonna start off at the second half, which consists of Yuno in a wedding dress, looking well… like a normal girl. 

OMG she looks... absolutely stunning. Why don't we see more of this Yuno instead of the "batshit insane for love" Yuno?

After the faux-wedding, Yukki takes Yuno home only to find Akise there, having done an investigation of Yuno’s house while they were out.

He takes an interest in the room where Yuno hid those corpses, only to find them gone and in it’s place a big gaping hole. When Yukki asks what happened to them, she pretends that this is the first time that Yukki’s been at her house, which leads Akise to believe that she might have altered her memory and that without Yukki, she’s pretty much an emotional wreck.

It's a hole that leads to... whatever country is on the opposite side of Japan.

The episode closes out at the police station, where Kurusu is discussing the murder of Tsukishima and that the prime suspects are Yukki and Yuno and orders for their arrest. Yep, he sold them out. Damn it!

"Also, we're going to capture the nearest Dunkin' Donuts within one hour."

Episode 11 starts with Kurusu going to Minene to make a deal. Meanwhile, Yukki is thinking to himself what Akise said until he is apprehended by Kurusu’s team, along with Yuno.

Why is it that every detective group always have that one cop with an afro?

So while Yuno goes into some sort of trance, Yukki is called in. Seriously, what is up with that? She goes from normal by this show’s standards to creepy.

Kurusu tells Yukki that there’s been a report that he and Yuno were seen around the scene where Tsukishima was killed. However, said report turned out to be false.

Well, I guess everything’s fine… Except for the fact that now they’re playing a game of Russian Roulette. Oh Crap…

"It's the best game you'll ever play. We each take turns shooting each other and see which barrel has the bullet, and the first one to die loses. Wanna play?"

Outside, Yuno’s diary changes to reveal that Kurusu has betrayed them, causing her Yandere Powers to activate once more.

So she grabs a fire extinguisher and knocks out the cops nearby and takes their guns. Inside, Yukki and Kurusu play Russian Roulette. First two shots at Yukki and Kurusu respectively are empty barrels. Meanwhile, Kurusu states that if Yukki is killed then his Case Diary will take effect. Shot #3 at Yukki: Empty. Shot #4 at Kurusu: Empty. So the last shot which has the bullet is at Yukki, and before Kurusu can take his shot, he tells Yukki that their alliance is broken and that he’s planning to become God.

Yuno comes in and saves Yukki by shooting the gun outta Kurusu’s hand and then shooting him in the ear and then shooting him in the torso a couple of times (He’s wearing body armor so he doesn’t get killed.) before Yukki tells her to snap out of it. As they make their escape, Kurusu’s Case Diary takes effect.

Yukki’s and Yuno’s Diary recieve a mail stating that Kurusu will kill Yuno in the next two days. So they manage to escape but now they’re declared fugitives.

The next day, Yukki and Yuno are hiding in an abandoned shack where they spot Kurusu’s wife going to the nearby hospital and tail her only to be attacked by the mad bomber Minene. So as it turns out Minene and Kurusu are working together to capture Yukki and Yuno, but Minene has planned to betray Kurusu, which triggers her own Dead End. As it turns out, Kurusu wanted to become God so that he can save his dying son. Meanwhile, Minene decides to take Kurusu’s wife and son hostage and form an alliance with Yukki and Yuno.

Episode(s) Thoughts: If the recent episodes has been any indication, it’s that no one can be trusted. Sure, they have their reasons, but the end result is everyone else’s death. Now that Kurusu’s revealed his true colors, who knows if Minene won’t use Yukki and Yuno for her own gain?

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