On the 11th episode of Guilty Crown, my true love gave to me…


This was really cute.... then she blinked, then it became kinda creepy.


Can Shu get his shit together and pull off the biggest Big Damn Heroes moment of the season? Or will some Diabolus Ex Machina arrive and screw everything up?

So the episode starts off with Kill-’em-All Daryl going at his daddy and then shooting him and his squeeze for forgetting his birthday. Wow, if he kills people for forgetting his birthday, imagine what would happen if people forgot his wedding anniversary.

"Your birthday was March 82, Daryl? I completely forg--" *is shot*

So Dan does what I wanted to happen to Segai since… for awhile. Punch the shit out of him!!

And then he gets shot by Segai. Damn! Is it sad that I actually liked Dan, even though he was basically just the most obvious American stereotype?

You gotta wonder what he does with photos he takes on his phone. What, does he post them on his Facebook?

Meanwhile at school, everyone is taking shelter at the school when Shu is contacted by Tsugumi through a damaged Funell, telling him that because he decided to quit, everything’s gone to Hell. So he hijacks the PA system (Wait, can he do that?) and calls for his friends to meet him at the clubroom.

So Arisa, Souta, Kanon, and Yahiro all gather to where Shu and Hare is and Shu tells them that they need his help to save Funeral Parlor.

See, there's your problem: trying hard to be someone other than yourself.

He demonstrates his power to everyone by pulling out Hare’s Void, which is a long strip of bandage which fixes stuff and he uses it to repair Funell.

So after some convincing, everyone (Yes, even Yahiro) agrees to help Shu.

Riiight, let the little robot that can't even see above the steering wheel drive.

Meanwhile, Haruka, who’s helping out Inori and Gai, programs something to use Inori’s singing of the ED to reverse the effects of the Apocalypse Virus.

Yes, Inori's singing is magic!!

So Shu and his team is storming the castle using everyone’s Voids to evade the enemy Endlaves. He locates Inori by using Kanon’s Void, which is some kinda… scouter? I don’t know.

"IT'S OVER NINE THOU-- eh, that's too obvious.

Then, Daryl comes in to stop them, but ends up getting scraped by Shu using Yahiro’s Void. And just when Shu’s reunited with Inori and everything is looking to wrap itself up with a happy ending…

…Diabolus Ex Machina rears its ugly head.

"I have the Power... bitch."

You remember GHQ Psychopath #3; the one with the bushy eyebrows? Yeah, s/he’s not really a psychopathic, but s/he is no good. S/He finally decides to do something, by revealing him/herself as another user of Voids, pulling out Inori’s Void, reactivating the Apocalypse Virus signal, and then slashing at Shu.

But Gai takes the hit and then he dies… I don’t know, that looks like a fatal blow to me… We’ll have to wait and see in the next episode if he is dead or not.

Episode Thoughts: Fuck me. Just when you think everything’s gonna end on a high note, everything goes back to Hell. And Production I.G. is making me wait a whole month for the next episode? Why must you do this to me?!

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