The Future Diary #12: Keigo Kurusu’s Konundrum

Sakurami Police must have very low standards so that it's simple for people like Kurusu to become cops...

The fall of an old alliance brings the rise of a new alliance. I gotta admit even though Yuno scares me shitless, that moment where she states that she’s willing to give her life for Yukki was rather cute. But then she goes back to being creepy when she and Yukki decide to pay his dad a visit and packed some… interesting items. And no, it’s not the “tools” Yuno was intending to use on Rea. That aside, I thought it was pretty interesting that the events foreseen in Yukki’s diary changed so suddenly. I guess if Yukki focuses hard enough on a posible outcome, then the future will change to his advantage. He might start relying less on his diary at this point. Also, a part of me did not want to sympathize with Kurusu. I mean, he had good intentions to win the game, but still I just can’t overlook the fact that his actions caused two teenagers to become fugitives…

Well, at least she's traveling lightly...

6 Players Down, 6 To Go. And with that, the game has reached Halftime.

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