X-Men Anime #9 – #11: The Truth Revealed

Dear iTunes… What’s the deal? You were behind three weeks!! Honestly, there’s gonna be a problem if you pull this shit next week.

As it turns out, the source behind the mutant virus plaguing Japan was Yui herself. She developed a serum that would eliminate the mutant gene, but instead it accelerated their mutation. She even wanted to hide her experiments so she made a device that would turn all of northern Japan into a telepathic dead zone. Fed up with her deception, the X-Men go deeper into her lab to find the truth for themselves only to find Mastermind there. He not only reveals that he was one who tricking the X-Men into believing that Emma was responsible for Jean’s transformation out of revenge for Emma leaving The Inner Circle, but he had even manipulated the U-Men, whom was working with Yui, for his own goal: to use her and the Professor’s son Takeo, an Omega-class mutant like Jean who has the power to warp the fabric of reality and potentially destroy the world. The X-Men stop the Inner Circle, but still have to deal with Takeo, whose powers have gone out of control. And Professor X have arrived in time to help…

Episode(s) Thoughts: Damn! So much revealed in the span of three episodes. I mean, I watched these three episodes back to back so I had to let one wham sink in, and then another comes around. I wish you all would’ve seen the look on my face when everything was happening. Wow.

The finale, next week! …I hope.

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