Recorder and Randsell (First Impressions)

Wait… HE’S a grade school student?! SHE’S a high school student?!! Bwhuh…?

OK, so a “randsell” is apparently another word for schoolbag. But I’ve never heard “randsell” used at all… 😕 Anyway, the Winter 2012 Anime season is starting off now with this.

Recorder and Randsell is an anime based from a yonkoma manga by Meme Higashiya and it follows Atsushi Miyagawa, a boy who at first glance looks like a young adult, but he actually is a 11-year old. His sister, Atsumi, is the opposite; she looks like a child but she actually is a yound adult. This causes some… unfortunate problems on Atsushi’s end as Atsumi’s best friend, Sayo, gets a crush on him and then when he’s talking to one of his schoolfriends and shares his scarf with her, he ends up being suspected of being a potential pedophile and then getting arrested.

Can you blame her for getting the wrong idea?

So I suppose this show is considered the spiritual successor to Morita-san wa Mukuchi, since they’re made by the same mangaka and production company and even have the same episode length at three minutes (two and a half if you exclude the ED). Heck, Mayu and Hana even appear in the first seconds of the episode.

So um… Both shows are in the same universe? Now that I have said it, it must be canon!!

I actually spent the last half of the episode laughing my ass off. It’s kinda messed up how he got arrested, though. 😀 I think I’m gonna like this show, probably more than Morita-san, but we’ll see what happens. But right now, it’s a good start, even if it is just a reason to kill off three minutes of my time.

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