The Future Diary #13: Halftime Show

Don't be fooled, Yuno's still a sadistic psychobitch.

Well, the survival game is back for the year, as Deus and MurMur decide to make the game a little more interesting…

The episode starts with Akise at Yukki’s house, seeing if anyone is at home when he runs into Nishijima, one of the cops that used to work under Kurusu.

I've learned that when Yuno says "a better place", it usually means "not the best place for anyone".

Not sure if this has been established in the show, but the reason why Deus is seeking a successor is because he’s dying. Anyway, Deus is looking over the events of the game and noticed that in every possible scenario, Kurusu should’ve been one the last few players standing. Apparently, Kurusu wasn’t supposed to learn that his son was dying until later, but MurMur decided to change things up.

Anyway, we see Yukki’s friends hanging out at a hot springs resort, at Akise’s invitation. And Mao takes this opportunity to snap some naked photos of Hinata.

For those wondering how Mao's cell phone works underwater, the after-credits scene reveals that MurMur made it that way.

So prior to this episode, Akise gave Nishijima a full recap of the game and the events that transpired, and concluded that they may be on the run from the remaining players.

So the reason why Nishijima and Akise brought Hinata, Mao, and Kousaka to the resort is because this may be where Yukki and Yuno is at the moment and need their help to find them. Even worse, they are led to believe that Yuno may be holding Yukki prisoner.

So they look through the abandoned hotels in the area since that would make the perfect hiding spot when Akise and Kousaka come to a conclusion that Yukki and Yuno must be hiding in an hotel that still has all its utilities in working order.

Unfortunately, the hotel appears to have been booby-trapped by Yuno.

Don't tell me we're going into Home Alone territory again. I already did that one.

Hinata gets a text from Yukki, which states that he’s being held at the Grand Hotel basement and rushes over there immediately. Mao tells Akise this and theorizes that Yuno may have sent a fake message to lure them into a trap. Akise and the others rush to where Yukki is supposedly being held.

The door locks behind them and the room starts filling up with gas. Meanwhile Deus and MurMur decide to make a bet on who will win the game. MurMur bets on Yuno, while Deus sticks to his original decision on Yukki.

That aside, I've noticed that close-up shots are drawn well, but shots like these aren't.

This is not looking good for Akise and his crew. I don’t know what Yuno is planning to do with them. I’m betting that she’s gonna kill them. It’s pretty evident that she never liked them from the beginning. More importantly, I’m beginning to think that MurMur has her own agenda with the game outside of just trolling some of the side events…

4 thoughts on “The Future Diary #13: Halftime Show

  1. GoodbyeNavi

    I agree. MurMur is definitely up to something and is more than just a sidekick of Deus. Just because she’s cute and bouncy doesn’t mean she’s dangerous. Will Yuuki forgive Yuno when he wakes up? Who knows? She might spin it as in trying to protect him. And why is she only in her bra and panties?

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  3. dene323

    Just to point out, the couple went on the road trip on June 19. That evening Yuki drank the soda. Next scene we cut to hotspring fanservice, AFTER June 28. Poor kid has been stuck in that chair for quite a while.

  4. dene323

    She has been trolling people for 12 episodes with silly antics, but in demonology, Murmur is a Great Duke and Earl of Hell (one of the 72 demons mentioned in The Lesser Key of Solomon). The name is definitely not randomly chosen.


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