Guilty Crown #12: Secret of Mana

Guilty Crown has returned for this year to start the second half of the show and maybe we’ll finally shed some light on certain things, like who this bushy-browed kid is and whether or not Gai is dead?

So this giant phallic thingy is apparently Mana’s Void. I’ll get to who Mana is momentarily.

I just love how Keido tosses this thing to Segai. If you recall my "technology taking steps backwards" rant back in Episode 10, you would think that if Segai didn't catch this, all of their plans would be ruined instantly.

From where we left off, the bushy-browed kid, who is revealed by Gai to be known as “Daath Gravekeeper”, takes Inori because they need to use her as a sacrifice to revive Mana. Shu tries to go after them, but is stopped by Daath and tells him to remember everything before he tries to go after him.

So Mana is the girl whom Inori resembles that keeps appearing occasionally,  Shu’s older sister (Most likely by adoption. I doubt they’re related by blood.) and it was revealed that they found Gai, whom Mana gave him the nickname “Triton”, and saved his life after he nearly drowned and the three of them became best friends.

So while Shu is trying to figure out how he forgot about Gai and Mana and how Gai became more badass than he is, Shu finds himself… at some place.

So Keido reveals that Inori is something to interface with Mana, and Mana was the first to touch the “rock that started it all” and thus the first to be infected with the Apocalypse Virus. His plan involves “proposing” to Mana through Inori, which will ressurect Mana, thus triggering a second Lost Christmas.

Back to the Flashback: So Shu is wondering if Mana and Gai will get married. Mana doesn’t think so and says that she loves Shu. Again, I don’t think they’re related by blood. God, I hope not. Also, Gai learns that she’s infected with the virus causing her to be yandere for Shu.

Starring Yuno Gasai as Mana Ouma

Present time: Gai and Ayase bursts in to interrupt the um… “wedding”.

Convenient. I guess if nearly drowning and a close-range blast from a kill sat can't kill Gai, then neither will getting gutted by a BFS.

So Gai asks Shu if he remembers anything else from Lost Christmas. Also, Gai referred to Haruka as Shu’s “new” mother, which makes me think that Haruka might be Shu’s stepmom or something. I suppose that explains why she looks so young, and why Shu calls her by first name. Anyway, on the day of Lost Christmas, Gai wanted to talk to Shu about Mana, but Mana showed up first.

Look on the bright side, Gai. At least it's not an embarassing sweater.

OK, Mana is seriously starting to frighten me... O_O

So Shu finds Mana and Gai; Shu calls Mana a monster; Mana doesn’t takes it well. And by “not taking it well” I mean she freaks out and causes Lost Christmas. Gai leaves, saying the he’ll become stronger and Shu loses his memory due to trauma. So now they have to make Mana go back to the way she was before. Gai asks Shu to draw out his Void, which is a gun that can draw out other Voids. And for some unexplained reason, Gai doesn’t lose consciousness from having his Void drawn out.

Gai's Void kinda reminds me of one of the Trust weapons from The Conduit.

Shu grabs the BFS and stops Keido’s plan. And for some reason, Daath tells Keido to stand down and then knocks him out cold. Okay… Gai heads to where Mana is but he gets impaled by her right when he reaches her.

Oh don't worry. Gai can survive this.

So Shu stabs through Gai to get to Mana, at Gai’s request, Mana stops being batshit, they both die, and the giant phallic thingy collapses.

Well, Gai is dead… for real. No magic crystals will save him this time, folks.

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