Inu × Boku Secret Service (First Impressions)

Demon bodyguards, eh? Now I wanna move in this place!!

Inu × Boku Secret Service is an anime based on the romantic comedy/mystery manga of the same name by Cocoa Fujiwara. It’s about a girl from a wealthy family named Ririchiyo Shirahiin who has moved into apartment called Ayakashi Kan, also known as Maison de Ayakashi. She apparently has a complex about living alone because of her being bullied due to her family’s status.

Oh great, it's the dreaded number four again.

While moving in, she meets Soushi Miketsukami, an agent from the Secret Service assigned to serve Ririchiyo, as stated by the tenant rules. Oddly, this guy has no problems volunteering to be Ririchiyo’s dog. Heck, he even offers her to kill him if she doesn’t have any use for him… Ririchiyo states that she doesn’t need anyone from the Secret Service and spends the majority of the episode finding a way to get rid of him. Along the way she meets two other agents: Karuta Roromiya, who doesn’t show much emotion, and Nobara Yukinokouji, who instantly goes lolicon for Ririchiyo. And when a burglar break in at night, all three agents are revealed to be ayakashi and Soushi states that the reason why he’s loyal to Ririchiyo is that she saved him sometime before.

So I decided to check out this show, even though I was rather unsure. And whenever I’m unsure about an anime, I’m usually right. However, I admit I was wrong to set my expectations low for this one. So if the next couple episodes are as good as this one, then it’ll be worth my time. So I’m going to continue waitching this for now.

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