The Future Diary #14: The Legend of Kousaka: Skyrimward Diary

This is pretty much your fault, Kousaka.

I didn’t mention this last time, but um… Kousaka’s pretty dumb. Akise told him to do one simple task and that’s to guard the door. Moments later, he walks in the room and the door locks behind him. Now thanks to his idiocy, they’re probably gonna die.

Using his deductive skills, Akise questions Yuno about the corpses that she buried and asks her if she has two skulls with her. It turns out that two of those corpses were Yuno’s parents, which leads Akise to wonder who the third corpse was. So Akise decides to negotiate with Yuno to have her release everyone or else he’ll spill the beans on the corpses. Yuno then gives off a laugh that makes me think she’s channelling Light Yagami before turning off the camera.

So... Yuno has Alzheimer's?

The gas continues to fill up the room and Kousaka freaks out, deciding to blog his last words on his iPhone (It’s totally an iPhone.) but then the 8th Diary Keeper, who has been reading his blogposts, upgrades his iPhone to a Future Diary and makes Kousaka an Apprentice Diary Keeper.

So using his new Kousaka King Diary, Kousaka gets out through a vent with Akise’s help and gets to the surveillance room where Yuno is.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Yukki wakes up and finds Hinata tied up right next to him, his voice gone and he realizes that the soda that Yuno had drugged the drink she gave to him last episode and held him hostage so as to preserve her Happy End as predicted by Yuno’s diary.

Kousaka tells Yuno to give up, and she does. She gives him two keys: One to free Yukki, and the other to free Akise and Mao. She gives him the control panel key and tells him that she’ll give him the other key afterwards. After Kousaka unlocks the door, releasing Akise and Mao, but before he can get to the other key, Yuno pulls out a crossbow and he takes an arrow in the knee thigh.

See? It went into his thigh, not his knee. Therefore, all Skyrim jokes are invalid.

Yuno points out the flaw with Kousaka’s diary: That the entries only tells successful outcomes of Kousaka’s next moves, but doesn’t tell when he’ll fail.

With Hinata’s help, Yukki makes his escape and then he does what can only be described as the best thing he’s ever done so far.

Yukki then gets a new entry saying that three other diary users are approaching them and decides to get out of there. When Yuno tells Yukki not to leave, he tells the bitch to piss off. OK, forget what I said last time. This is the best thing he’s ever done so far.

Turns out that the person who has been recruiting Apprentice Diary Holders is this lady here, whom for the time being I’m going to refer to as Pillsbury Doughgirl. By the way, I doubt her body should be able to support a head that huge.

As Nishijima drives the group home, they pass by this swagtasic group of folks who were the Diary Keepers Yukki was warned about.

Kudos to Yukiteru for finally standing up to Yuno and putting her in her place. Not that I disliked Yuno, but she acts waaaaaaaaaay too possessive over him. Also, I’d like to know how she was able to alter her own memory.

If Kousaka held onto his towel, he probably could've used it as a sailcloth.

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