Guilty Crown #13: The Mourning After

So after the crazy events that occured in the previous three or four episodes, Guilty Crown decides to slow things down and take a breather. And I suppose this is the right time too, as Shu and the rest of Funeral Parlor mourns the loss of their fearless leader…

…or maybe we’ll just act like nothing happened and have a school festival instead.

Brace yourselves, folks. This could be bad.

Two weeks have passed since last episode. Tokyo has been ruined (again) thanks to The Second Coming of Lost Christmas. Shu has lost contact with Funeral Parlor, the GHQ has quarantined the majority of the city so that nothing gets out, all forms of communication are down, everyone has been sent to evacuation shelters, and all Tennozu High School students are stuck at school. Shu begins to think that it might come to an end. Since there’s only nine episodes left, he coudn’t be more wrong…

This episode introduces a new OP called “The Everlasting Guilty Crown” by EGOIST. Song will take some getting used to, but I like the animation.

Anyway since then, Ayase and Tsugumi had taken shelter at the school and blending in with the other students. OK, Ayase would blend in no problem, but Tsugumi? I mean, the students would most likely take notice that there’s a girl wearing cat ears attending their school.

I guess catgirls are an ordinary thing in 2039.

Due to the quarantine, there have been some riots in Tokyo and even in the school. So what’s the best way to ease their minds? A school culture festival! It’s the perfect idea to-Wait, what?

Get used to people pointing this fact out, folks.

So as it turns out, Shu’s powers got a boost so that when he extracts Voids, that person will remain conscious. What with things the way they are, Shu doesn’t think he’ll be using his powers anymore. Yahiro doesn’t think so, thinking that things will probably get worse. Anyway, Kill-’em-All Daryl is at the school too, doing surveillance on Shu and Inori.

See? Even Daryl hates this idea.

Meanwhile outside of school grounds, a gang of gun-toting bandits are complaining about how students are having fun in the middle of an national crisis.

…and thanks to Segai, they have an Endlave to crash their party with. Because no one is allowed to have fun during a crisis. No one.

"Yeah, he was kinda creepy and shady-looking, but he looks like the most trustworthy person ever."

Anyway, Ayase’s been bummed out since Gai died, what with her connection with her Endlave gotten cut off during the battle and not being there to protect him. But all this drama is cut short with the bandits’ invasion.

"That'll teach you to not enjoy yourselves while we're in the middle of a crisis!"

Shu tries to get Ayase somethere safe but instead she wants to stick around and be some use. She then has him draw out her Void, which is a pair of leg braces that increases her lower body strength. That’s a pretty clever idea of a Void, if you ask me. Anyway, with Ayase’s help, Shu thwarts the bandits’ invasion.

This probably would've been more badass if Shu and Ayase posed before the Endlave explodes. So... Shu/Ayase now?

So after the festival closes, the TV comes back on. And on the screen, it’s Keido. Apparently, Daath didn’t kill him after all. But has somehow become the President of Japan, and his first order of business is sealing off said majority of the city.

Allow me to explain, Shu. Keido is now the President of Japan, and he's ordered a total lockdown in your very area. So that means that unless something is done, you and all your friends won't be able to go home, let alone leave town. Not to mention that you spent your time fooling around with this school festival instead of keeping in mind Yahiro's warnings that things will only get worse. Well, things just got worse, Shu.

Also the new ED is “Kokuhaka” by supercell.

I figured that we’d be getting a breather episode after all the crazy shit from the past few episodes, but this one is just ridiculous. I mean, Code Geass‘s school festival episodes were pretty ridiculous too, but they were fun episodes and it didn’t come right after a main character got killed. I wish there was at least some casualities at the school to show how serious the current situation is.

By the way, those bandits suck. All the racket they caused and not a single dead person. 😐

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