“Resident Evil Revelations” Demo – Impressions

Today, the eShop has updated with the demo for the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations and I decided to give it a go.

A couple quick notes:

  1. The demo can only be opened a total of 30 times. After that, it becomes unplayable. Redownloading it from the eShop won’t reset it either.
  2. The demo supports the Circle Pad Pro, so if you happened to have imported one, it can be used. (I don’t have one yet.)

So the demo only has Normal difficulty available at start. After completing the demo on Normal, Hell difficulty becomes available, which adds more stronger enemies. Also the options can be adjusted, but they reset when you exit the game. Some of the options available are switching between first and third-person aiming perspective, adjusting the 3D effect,  gyroscope aiming, etc. For this demo, I have it set to Normal difficulty, third-person aiming perspective, gyroscope off, 3D effect strong.

The game itself controls very well, probably as good as Resident Evil 4. The touch screen is used for a map, changing and reloading weapons and subweapons, and camera controls (which is what the Circle Pad Pro does when that is enabled, I think.); and for certain puzzles. You also have buttons for strafing, using healing items, etc. A couple minutes into the game, you get a scanner that allows you to detect hidden items, like herbs and ammunition. Also, the game does a damn good job at scaring the shit outta me. I find myself walking everywhere, gun at the ready for whatever might jump out.

The demo will end one of three ways: If you die, When you meet up with Jill’s partner Parker and get to the bridge of the ship, or after a couple minutes of inactivity.

Well, that’s my impressions. Sorry if this looks pretty flimsy since I was typing this as I was playing. But from what I can tell, this looks to be one of the 3DS games to own this year.

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