Daily Archives: Thursday January 26, 2012

“βίoς” feat. Mika Kobayashi/Guilty Crown #14: Ore no Nekomimi ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

I figured since they’re related, I might as well combine them into one.

So the OST just came out this week (Yay!) and that means so is the full version of Shu’s power-up theme music. This has been my favorite song since I heard it the first episode. It is just godly.

There’s also a slower-paced version that’s on the OST called βίoς-δ.  Yeah, for some reason, almost all of the track names are in Greek letters. Good luck typing them out…

Don't make that face at me, Tsugumi. You know the music is the only thing in this show that's godly.

OK, onto the episode. So where did we last leave off? Ah yes, Keido is now the President of Japan and delivered his own State of the Union address. He announced that he’s going all Arkham City on Tokyo. What’ll happen now?

Student body presidential elections, that’s what.

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