“βίoς” feat. Mika Kobayashi/Guilty Crown #14: Ore no Nekomimi ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

I figured since they’re related, I might as well combine them into one.

So the OST just came out this week (Yay!) and that means so is the full version of Shu’s power-up theme music. This has been my favorite song since I heard it the first episode. It is just godly.

There’s also a slower-paced version that’s on the OST called βίoς-δ.  Yeah, for some reason, almost all of the track names are in Greek letters. Good luck typing them out…

Don't make that face at me, Tsugumi. You know the music is the only thing in this show that's godly.

OK, onto the episode. So where did we last leave off? Ah yes, Keido is now the President of Japan and delivered his own State of the Union address. He announced that he’s going all Arkham City on Tokyo. What’ll happen now?

Student body presidential elections, that’s what.

Actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds because the student body has gotten fed up with waiting for the Kuhouin group to respond to the recent events. So one of the students named Nanba declares a no-confidence resolution against Arisa and requests that a new president is elected.

Ugh. Shu, we talked about this. Instead of thinking about what would Gai do, think about what would Shu do (No pun intended.).

The heat that Arisa’s been getting has been pretty bad, even on the Dollars school’s unofficial website message boards. Meanwhile, Nanba and his crew of pricks decide to gather some info from outside the blockade and those trying to escape so they can use it against Arisa on the next assembly. One of his lackeys throws out the idea that they should “do the uppity bitch”. Before you start thinking that (Yes, I thought that same thing too.), what he actually meant was to outright shoot her.

Guys, commiting murder doesn't solve everything.

So we learn a bit… um, almost nothing about Tsugumi’s life before joining Funeral Parlor. They show a little something, but never bother explaining it. This is Guilty Crown, after all. Explanations? Fuck that! Also, we learn that Shu fails at eavesdropping.

Y'know, Shu. It defeats the purpose of eavesdropping when you announce that you're eavesdropping.

So during the scuffle with the bandits last episode, Tsugumi had picked up something called a Genomic Resonance Gauge, a device that scans one’s Void readings to see how powerful it is. In other words, it works just like Dragon Ball Z‘s scouter.

The doohickey proves it: Inori's Void is overpowered.

Interesting thing to note here is that Shu doesn't have a Void reading. I suppose Void Genome users don't have one.

Then, they come to realize that they haven’t seen what Tsugumi’s Void is and decide to draw it out. Unfortunately, this isn’t revealed to us right now.

"There this one moment where you'll feel like you're having an orgasm, that's perfectly normal."

Meanwhile, the baddies are now planning to decrease the quarantine zone by slaughtering anyone near the blockade walls. Anyway, Kill-’em-All Daryl does not approve of this kind of killing (Irony.) and is wondering who’s controlling the “Ghost unit”. Turns out it’s Haruka, although I think she might be brainwashed or something of the sort.

And then Segai decides to cause more panic in the student body’s already short impatience by telling them that if they’ll let whoever turns over members of Funeral Parlor(who can be ID’d by a tattoo on their backs) go outside the quarantine zone. They hear about this and react accordingly.

Oh really? Well, the new opening says otherwise.

Shu finds out what’s going on and looks for Inori and Ayase. Three of the students corner Inori and next scene, Shu finds Inori and tells her about the spreading rumors.

"And I certainly did not kill three students that tried to assault me."

Seriously, what the hell? Now I probably would’ve shrugged it off if she just knocked them out cold. But she killed them. She actually killed those guys. That I can’t ignore because it rubs me the wrong way.

So the next assembly starts and Arisa continues to tell the student body to wait for help to arrive, and that they can’t prove that there are FP members in their school. Nanba’s douchebag group tries to prove otherwise, having held Ayase and Tsugumi hostage and trying to show their tattoos.

"Yeah!! Undress the disabled girl and shoot the catgirl!!"

And apparently the only person capable of quieting the unruly riot is the one who wrecked an Endlave with a BFS the other day. So one of the a-holes head to the blockade and turn in Shu, Ayase and Tsugumi. Also, Daryl recognizes Tsugumi from previous episode, which I dismissed for two reasons.

  1. It never occured to me that it would be brought up again.
  2. The show is trying to tease Tsugumi/Daryl!! For the love of Christ, do not try to ship these two together, show. It just won’t work between them!

Anyway, the Ghost units kills them, but it turns out that they weren’t actually them. Tsugumi’s Void is some sort of magical trinket that creates copies of a person. So what just happened proves to the student body that the rumor is just a false lead. Nanba isn’t gonna believe any of that and tries to shoot Shu, but then Shu draws out the a-hole’s Void and knocks Nanba’s gun out of his hand, and then tells him to calm the hell down. After that unexpectedly badass moment from Shu, he tells the student body to act rationally and select someone who will think of the best course of action. Yahiro suggests that Shu should lead, and everyone agrees.

After that, Yahiro shows Shu a ranking system that will rank the students based on how high their Void readings are.

Compared to the recent episodes in the second half, this one seems to be the better one so far. Of course, that’s not really saying much. I sure hope things get moving now. And where are all the other unimportant FP members? I mean we see Arugo and Oogumo, but where’s Shinbugi and Kenji?

Anyway, bit of foreshadowing here.

If what the next episode preview shows, something bad is gonna happen to Shu…

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