The Future Diary #15 & #16: Lucky Numbers Seven

This sure is one messed up Mexican Standoff...

So the episode starts with Deus calling a meeting to discuss to the remaining players about how the 8th’s diary works and whether or not it and the keepers created by her diary abide by the rules of the game.

So this new OP is called “Dead END” by Faylan. I like this OP alot better than the first one, which was… okay. I don’t like how they recycle some footage from the first OP, though. And why is there so much blue?

We then see Yukki talking to this over to his friends and he tells them that Kousaka’s blog is on 8th’s server, which creates a special type of Future Diaries known as Child Diaries. The only differences from Child Diaries to standard Future Diaries is that their keepers won’t die if they’re broken, which Yukki proves by smashing Kousaka’s iBone. *giggle* iBone…

Did Yukki ever think that Kousaka may or may not have warranty on his phone? These things aren't cheap, y'know.

It’s seems that Child Diaries can track each other, so it was a good move breaking Kousaka’s phone.Yukki gets a new message from his diary stating that three of the Child Keepers is going to come to his house in three days, and wonders how to fight back without relying on Yuno.

So Akise asks Nishijima to keep an eye on Yukki for the three days while they think up a plan to disable the Child Diaries. Of course, the bigger problem is Yuno and her Yukiteru Diary. Anyway, Yukki’s having dinner with his mom. Which reminds me, the episode when Yukki’s mom first appeared was when I decided to start blogging this show. I like her, she’s cool.

Yukki asks her if she made too much food, and she answers that she cooked for more than three. Three, huh…? Well, I guess if you want leftovers, then… Oh my God!!!

As it turns out, Yuno was there and helped mom cook before she left. Are you sure it was a good idea to let her cook, Rea? Oh, that’s right. She did get whacked in the head, after all.

Three days later, the group drives over to Kousaka’s house and…

Whoa! Who’d ever thought this idiot had this place? Anyway, the plan is to lure the three Child Diary Keepers to Kousaka’s house and use the cell tower to disrupt their phone signal, disabling the use of their diaries.

The Child Keepers arrive, but they cut the power to the house, messing up Akise’s plan. Yukki’s now trying to wonder how they figured out their plan since no one outside of them knows it. There is one person though…

Oh, Christ… Why did you have to ruin everything, Yuno?

Anyway, Akise has Yuno come up to the balcony so Yukki can keep her from messing things up further so he and Kousaka can disable the tower manually. Meanwhile, Yukki decides to keep Yuno restrained. But two of the swagtasitic Child Keepers, known as Mar and Ai break into the house.

Nishijima tries to take him out, but fall victim to Mar’s Undefeated Champion Diary, which allows Mar to look for openings in his opponent’s movements and make his counterattack based on that info. So Yukki and the others try to make a getaway, but Ai tracks them down using her Flirting Diary, which tells her who she’ll flirt with next. Yeeeeah, that’s a weird diary…

Mar and Ai follow them; Hinata and Mao try to hold them off, but are taken down almost immediately and Yukki and Yuno gets cornered in the attic of the house.

Luckily, Akise gets to the cell tower and disable it in time. So it seems that Mar and Ai are about to back off, until they ditch their Child Diaries and reveal themselves to be Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami, the 7th Diary Keepers.

Yuno pleads for Yukki to untie her.

Well, it's either that or face certain death.

With no other options, Yukki unties her. Marco and Ai reveals that their Exchange Diaries can tell the holders about their partners’ actions, only they use their diaries to cover each other’s weaknesses. So yeah, it’s the Power of Love VS the Power of Love.

Ai tosses a shitton of knives, which Yuno somehow manages to deflect, forcing 7th to make a hasty retreat, taking the injured Hinata and Mao with them and patching them up. Also, so that they can all make way for their Plan B: To have their partner Ta-kun torch the house. However, they go back inside to settle the score.

The Not-So-Dynamic Duo is easily defeated by 7th, mainly because Yukki wasn’t there to protect Yuno. Marco berates him for being weak and leaves them to die.

The next day at the hospital, Akise tells Yukki that the plan was a failure, and his and Yuno’s diaries were taken. The episode ends with Minene showing up in their room, asking for the story about 7th.

I guess Mei Misaki hooked Minene up with a fake eye. There's no question about it!

So the new ED is “filament” by Yousei Teikoku. This one’s okay, but I liked the previous one better. I don’t know why this one has so much sad Yuno. Am I supposed to feel sad for her? Because I don’t. I’m gonna come out and say it: I don’t like Yuno anymore. *Yuno fans boo at me, I flip them off* Yeah, screw you too! Even though she loves Yukki, half the time she just wants to make sure he doesn’t have any friends so that no one else can ride his dick. What kind of boyfriend allows that?

Anyway, Episode 16 starts off with Yukki’s dad, Kurou visiting the hospital Yukki’s staying at.
Minene’s making Yukki undergo training for his next showdown with 7th. But first…

Note that she has an eyepatch on, when last episode she had a fake eye. This must be another Asread inconsistency.

OK so, Kurou walks in to find Yukki and Minene in a compromising position. He’s doing those pushups where someone sits on you. Anyway, Yukki can do about two; Kurou can’t even get one. Some dad. Anyway, it turns out Yukki’s parents were divorced sometime before the start of the series.

You'd be surprised, but Kurou acting like a total horndog isn't the reason why Yukki's parents got divorced.

So Minene decides to have Kurou train with Yukki. And he decides that if Yukki wins, he do anything he asks for. Yukki uses this opportunity to ask him to get back together with mom.
First round: Pull-ups. Yukki gets around two pull-ups, but Kurou gets none… only to the untrained eye. He was moving so fast that nobody can see how many pull-ups he did.
Round 2: Grip Strength Test, Yukki gets 38kg, Kurou gets 100kg.

Oh yeah, I know he's cheating. But for the sake of things, let's pretend he's just superhuman. 😉

Despite all that, Yukki appears to be having fun with his dad. Meanwhile, you-know-who is watching outside…

And so am I, because it seems as though Yuno is a little too ecstatic to put a knife in someone...

So we get to the final event, which is a race to the finish. Before the race starts, Kurou reveals that he and Rea got divorced because he got himself in a ¥3,ooo,ooo debt (That’s around $39,000). Also, Minene gives Yukki words of advice. Yukki gets to the end to find a letter and a snack from dad waiting for him.
So once again, Yuno’s spying on Yukki and she notices Kurou going back to his hospital room. Turns out he made a deal with the 11th Diary Keeper to have his debt cleared if he destroys Yukki’s cell phone. Not good. Meanwhile, Akise and Nishijima head to the Mother’s House orphanage that Kamato Ueshita, the 8th manages and starts searching the place.

And yet, no one seems to note the abnormally large head on her.

Yuno walks in and tries to stab Kurou but is then stopped by Yukki. She tries to lace the tea with poison, but is again stopped by Yukki. Where does she get all this stuff?! Anyway, Yuno tells Yukki what Kurou’s up to, but then 7th calls her, telling her not to kill him. Instead, he tells her to bring him to Sakurami Tower. Yuno tells Kurou this and has him go along with them I suppose Kurou doesn’t think anything can go wrong here…

...other than the fact that his son's psychotic girlfriend wants him dead.

Yukki, Kurou and Yuno get to the Observation Deck where they meet up with 7th. Marco proceeds to knock Kurou out and then challenges Yukki to a fistfight.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join my foot and your ass in holy matrimony!"

Yukki then sees Kurou walk up to where Marco set the cell phones, picks up his phone and breaks it in half…
…but it was actually a fake. Ai had hid the real cell phones in her bouquet. Apparently Yuno knew that those were bogus cell phones because she didn’t see any dents and scratches on them. Good eye, I’ll give her that.
Yukki notes that Kurou is unaware of Future Diaries, and so this episode ends with Ta-kun blowing the tower up, the floor collapsing under Yukki, and Yuno and Kurou trying to save him…

Decision time, Yukiteru. Who will you choose: Your yandere girlfriend who wants to kill anyone who gets too close to you? Or your bastard of a father who wants to kill you so he can clear his debt? Choose wisely.

I tell you, stalkers can be idiots sometimes…

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