Guilty Crown #15: Void Where Prohibited

Let’s think back about Yahiro’s idea of ranking the students based on their Void’s power levels. At it’s best, it can make a good way to bring order and security to the chaos at the school. And at its worst, it could maybe cause the lower ranks to rebel against Shu…


So… anybody staying up tonight to watch Black★Rock Shooter? 😀

So Shu decides not to go through with Yahiro’s Void ranking system, because doing that would mean discrimination against students, particularly those with really shitty Voids. OK, that… sorta makes sense, but what about A-Rank Voids, like let’s say Inori’s overpowered BFS or Yahiro’s death shears?  Those could be of some use for securing rations and medicine.

Actually, there is a problem. It's called the wall of doom that's slowly closing in on you as we speak.

The next day, Shu finds out that there’s a shortage of the vaccine so that no one will be able to get enough amount of dosage. They want to prioritize Shu’s and the A-Rank Void students’ dosage and give the lower ranks only very small dosages. And it turns out that Souta is at lowest rank.

I barely understand how this system works. Did everyone forget that Souta’s Void is the Master of Unlocking, i.e. it opens everything, therefore it has to have some use other than opening cans of food? And why does it have that low of a rank? What, did the Void fridge and vase actually come in handy or something?

OK, so Souta and some of the low-ranks find out about this and asks Shu to draw out their Voids so they can practice with them.

Anyway, you know who Shinbugi is, right? No? I figured you wouldn’t. Well, he’s been captured by the GHQ.

So Shu is feeling depressed because he feels he didn’t make the right decision, but Hare tells him she believes in him, all while giving him a facefull of bosom. This scene is ruined by Kanon calling him, telling him that Souta and the small group of F-Rank students have left school grounds. They’re going to the nearby hospital to retrieve vaccines. Shu steps in to try and stop them, but are then attacked by the Anti Bodies.

Souta asks Hare to use her Void to fix a nearby car so they can escape. Kill-’em-All Daryl finds them and blows up the car, with her and Shu getting caught in the explosion. Hare manages to heal Shu with her Void. See, I told you this would happen. Didn’t I say that? And then she dies… Damn it. I knew she was gonna die. Somehow, I knew…

Shu wakes up to find Hare dead. And to put the icing on the cake, she crystallizes and disintegrates right in his arms. He utterly snaps and then forcibly draws out Inori’s Void. Seriously, the way he does it here, it looks like he’s actually trying to rape her. Shu then wrecks all the Endlaves.

See that look on Souta's face? That look means "I fucked up bad".

Souta apologizes to Shu, saying that it’s his fault that Hare was killed.

Actually, Souta, asking Hare to fix the car wasn't the problem. Try "It's because I acted like an complete idiot and left school grounds without even thinking things through."

Shu agrees with him before beating the shit outta him. And let’s be honest here: Souta deserves to get his ass whupped. His stupid “decisions”, for lack of a better word, got Hare killed. And now Shu decides to Hell with being kind to people and that the only way to survive this crisis is to go through with Yahiro’s idea and “separate the good from the trash”.

Anyone remember in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers where Rita always gets a migrane everytime things go wrong for her? That’s pretty much how I feel right now. I now have so much frustration to vent out, thanks to Souta. I mean I may have had a neutral opinion on Hare, but now Souta just takes it here.

Damn it!!

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