The Future Diary #17: And the “Father of the Year” Award goes to…

By the way, check out the elevator panel on the right. Another Asread fuck-up?

Y’know, 7th’s got a point. The so-called love between Yukiteru and Yuno is obviously one-sided. All Yuno wants to do is jump Yukiteru’s bones and make sure no one else does. And All Yukiteru wants to do is to dump Yuno… which he can never do because Yuno is following his every move. Sucks to be Yukiteru.

It’s times like these where I really miss Yomotsu.

So it starts off with a flashback revealing how 7th first met. 14 years ago, Ai was abandoned by her parents at Sakurami Tower. Marco, who’s had also been abandoned by his parents, walks up to her and cheers her up. Since then, they were inseparable. Also, since that day, it has been Ai’s dream to have a wedding at Sakurami Tower.

Why is there always some kid with a hat always doing his best Red impersonation?

In one occasion, a group of classmates gets Ai all alone and rape her. Marco finds them and goes batshit insane and kills them. Out of guilt for not being there to protect her, he tries to commit suicide but Ai stops him.

Anyway, back to the present time: Yuno saves Yukiteru from his plummet. 7th takes Kurou and heads to the top floor of Sakurami Tower so they can escape. Yukiteru and Yuno then think of a way to defeat 7th by fighting the way they’ve always been.

Meanwhile at the Mother’s House, Nishijima is notified of the situation at Sakurami Tower and order to have Yukiteru’s mom told. Back at the tower, Yuno and 7th meet up at the top floor, with Yukiteru hiding somewhere. Way to not learn from past mistakes, kid.

Marco knocks out Yuno and takes her diary. Using her diary, Marco tracks down Yukiteru, who is hiding in the PA room. Unfortunately, the room is empty and Marco finds out that the diary he took was the bogus one. His Exchange Diary tells him that Ai’s Exchange Diary is about to be destroyed by Yukiteru’s darts, and rushes back to tell Ai. Yukiteru throws the dart, but barely misses her Exchange Diary. However, Yuno attacks a distracted Ai by slicing her neck.

I bet your dad never left you to die in a collapsing tower.

The tower starts to collapse and Kurou takes one of the parachutes to escape. Meanwhile, Rea is outside watching the tower as she notices him descend into the nearby park. She tries to drag him to the police, but then…

Back at the tower, Yukiteru, Yuno and Ai are buried underneath the rubble, unable to get out.

Jesus Yuno. You already slit her throat. How much more do you want to kill her?!

Mar is then trying to dig them out, all while telling Yukiteru how much he sucks for putting up with Yuno.

And let's be honest here. He is right.

He digs them out, but it seems that Mar’s been impaled himself. Also, Ai had already died from losing too much blood. Mar gives Yukiteru and Yuno the last parachute so they can escape while Mar stays behind as the tower collapses with him in. ;_; Darn, it’s stuff like this that brings a tear to my eye, seeing an actually mutual relationship. Well, that 7 players dead and only 5 to go.

Anyway, Yukiteru and Yuno descend back into the city only to find out that his mom has been stabbed to death.

Well, Kurou Amano, you’ve finally risen to the “Best Dad Ever” status, joining Gendo Ikari, Charles zi Britannia and many other asshole dads…

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