Guilty Crown #16: Long Live the King

Well, I suppose the writers decided they can’t break Shu any further so maybe they just decided to make him jump off the slippery slope. Um… HEIL SHU!?

So it starts off with Argo and Oogumo conducting an operation at Arisa’s grandfather’s request to go into Tokyo (what’s left of it) and break her out. Argo drops into the city Metal Gear Solid-style, and sees those two pricks Hirohide Nanba and Takaomi Sudou looking for recruits. Argo tries to stop them but are then stopped by two girls from Shu’s “Secret Service”: Ritsu Takarade, whose Void is some knife-like weapon, and Miyabi Herikawa, whose Void is a motherfuckin’ scythe. They recognize him as a member of Funeral Parlor by the emblem on his jacket.

Dem kneesocks, Dem glasses, Dat scythe. This is my new favoite character right here.

So they bring Argo and the girl to the school and Shu, who has now donned the scarf and Gai’s old longcoat as seen in the current opening, draws out her Void, which is a crossbow. He declares her an A-Rank and has her join his ranks. Shu explains to Argo that the GHQ is developing a genomic weapon, the one responsible for Hare’s death.

Anyway, they find an abandoned army transport ship that has vaccines and ammo inside, and has the F-Rank students working there. Argo notices that the F-Rank students have started contracting the virus, and Shu’s making them work for their injections. One of the oxygen pumps start malfuctioning, which is Souta’s. Shu tells them that he should have an emergency oxygen tank built into his suit, but he never bothered telling Souta this. Way to screw over your workers there, pal. Argo refuses to put up with it, and Shu has him imprisoned.

Ayase had confronted Shu about Argo’s imprisonment, and he states that he can’t show any favoritism to anyone, not even one of his own because it’ll set a bad example.

You know what we should do? Take a drink every time Shu says or does something that makes him look like a dick.

So anyway, Daath picks up one of the rings that Keido made, says some cryptic stuff and then disappears for the rest of the episode. Yeah. You know, we don’t know anything about this guy. Mind explaining his backstory, show? Oh wait, never mind. I forgot this is Guilty Crown, where explanations aren’t worth shit.

Meanwhile, a rumor is spreading around the school that Hare died not due to the weapon, but because her Void was destroyed. Shu and Inori are conversing about how everyone thinks he’s like a selfish tyrant. Oh really, you think? But this is all for escaping Tokyo. Then Inori says something like this.

Um… anyway… Argo has escaped. Yahiro orders for his immediate capture, and Shu has Inori find Arisa before Argo does.

Shu and the new recruit corners Argo at the gym. Shu tries to fight him off using  a boomerang he extracted from another girl prior but it damages a part of the gym. The debris crushed on the recruit’s Void, and she dies in the same fashion Hare did. Turns out that the rumor Kanon was talking about was true. Any person whose Void is destroyed will succumb to the Apocalypse Virus and then die. Yahiro knew this and lied to Shu so that he can keep using Voids. Argo tries to convince him to stop, but Shu, having realized that holding one’s Void is basically holding one’s life, draws out Argo’s Void and thinks about breaking it.

Yeah, way to ignore any and all potential dangers of using Voids there, buddy.

Meanwhile, Arisa overhears the previous conversation tries to inform the entire school, but then Psycho!Inori kills her. OK, she’s not dead as the next episode preview shows her alive and well. But still, I’d like to know what the hell’s going on here.

Damn it! Why is it that pink-haired girls turn out to be psycho?

Speaking of “what the hell’s going on here”, looks like Keido and Haruka has revived (or cloned) Gai.

Well, I guess I've been proven wrong. Gai just won't die, even if he's killed.

What the hell, Everyone’s gone insane! I’m not watching The Future Diary, I’m supposed to be watching bloody Guilty Crown!! I’d never thought I’d say this, but I want Shoe back.

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