The Future Diary #18: Unhappiness Bunny’s Revenge


The episode starts with a flashback one year ago. Yuno is stalking Yukiteru (as always) when she finds a love letter in his bag. Said love letter is for the class representative Moe Wakaba. Yes, Moe is her given name. Turns out the reason why Yuno is so obsessed with him is because of a silly childhood marriage promise… which Yuno took seriously but Yukiteru didn’t. Also, Yuno now wants Wakaba dead. Ain’t that a surprise… So for the time being, she decides to cockblock Yukiteru while wearing a pink bunny getup.

Oh come on. All he wanted was a can of Dr. Papper. You won’t even let him have at least that?!

Unfortunately for her, Yukiteru does give the love letter to Wakaba, but she shoots him down.

Anyway, it’s revealed that Yuno’s parents were assholes, who lock Yuno in a cage whenever she broke curfew. One day, she decided to turn the tables on her and then leave them to die.

“Hi, corpse mom. Hi, corpse dad. Did you enjoy rotting away”

Present Time: Yukiteru had asked Deus if he can revive his mom. Deus declines, because his powers over causality are weakening since he’s dying. Also, the world will end if no one is there to control causality. The only way to revive her is for Yukiteru to win the game and become the new God.

Anyway, “Father of the Year” Kurou comes to visit and Yukiteru confronts him about Rea’s death. Unfortunately, Yukiteru doesn’t have any proof to base his accusation on. He sees a pawn shop ticket that Kurou’s holding and decides to tail him in hopes that he will have something that will implicate him.

Meanwhile, Nishijima interrogates Yuno about the corpses in her backyard. Since they know that two of them are her parents, that leaves the third one to be indentified. Gee, I wonder who could it be…

The next morning Yukiteru gets a late start due to oversleeping. He checks his diary only to find that he won’t make it in time, so he rushes there so his future will change. He sees Kurou walking out of the pawn shop with a bag and take a taxi to Sakurami Shrine.

Yukiteru gets to Kurou at the shrine and finds that inside his bag is…

Of course! He used the telescope to set up his… Wait, what?

Turns out he actually wanted to keep his promise to go stargazing with Yukiteru, and to make amends for killing Rea before turning himself into the police. Well, I guess everything will be fine and they can be a family again. Nothing’ll ruin this moment!

Oh what the fuck?!!

Yukiteru is surrounded by the 11th’s henchmen, the guys responsible for killing Kurou and goes batshit on them. After that, he tells Yuno that he’s going to become God of the new world (I gotta stop doing that…) and kill the other keepers so he can revive his parents.

Damn… All the hate I had for Yukiteru’s dad is now being redirected towards the 11th.

One thought on “The Future Diary #18: Unhappiness Bunny’s Revenge

  1. GoodbyeNavi

    The bunny was super creepy. I laughed so hard when the mother of the scared little kid got security on her. I had been wondering what happened to Yuno’s parents. That was a bummer. Still don’t see how Yuki can so easily forgive his father but oh, look, he’s dead now.


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