Guilty Crown #17: The Fall of Shu Ouma

Let me make one thing clear. There is a certain line in which once crossed, there is no going back. Shu, if you break Argo’s Void, you will cross that line. And once you cross that line, you can never go back to being Shoe. Rethink what you’re about to do!!

OK so he doesn’t break Argo’s Void. Yeah, I don’t know why he was thinking about breaking it if he wasn’t going to go through with it. And to drive the point home that he’s a bad boss, he threatens one of the students watching the advancing wall of doom get closer with this same method. Anyway, Shu and Yahiro and planning out Operation Exodus, the plan to escape from Tokyo.

Gai also wouldn’t be acting like a dick towards his own teammates, either.

Yahiro then calls Shu out on his attitude towards the student body, and he says that this is all so that they can survive, even if they start to resent him. Meanwhile, Arisa is extremely freaked out after her encounter with Inori. She only got away with an injured hand, but I’d like to know what’s with this weird-ass crystal thing that coming out of Inori’s arm.

Arisa gets a call from someone, and she tells the person on the other line about the situation at the school. Nanba overhears this and threatens to turn her into Shu, but Arisa gives him an offer. Meanwhile, Nanba and Sudou sends out a mass email to the student body, telling them that they’ll die if their Void is destroyed and Shu’s been hiding that from them, which sends them into a panic.

The next morning, Yahiro confronts Arisa about the info that she told Nanba, and she tells him the identity of her assailant. Meanwhile at the weird flower room, Inori confesses to Shu that she might’ve attacked Arisa. She wasn’t herself when she tried to attack her. What’s going on with her? I think Mana’s virus-infected yandere personality is staring to affect Inori.

Yahiro tells Shu that Inori attacked Arisa. This erupts into an argument about Yahiro keeping death by Void destruction from Shu. Y’know I was on the fence with Yahiro as of recently but he seems to have learned his lesson after Jun’s death. Shu, however won’t have any of that and demotes him to F-Rank. He even reopens old wounds by calling him “Sugar”.

I would go on ahead and make a rant about how this thing would break and all her plans would be ruined instantly. But it landed on her bed, so I suppose it’s fine.

So Nanba gives Arisa the information about Exodus and the students’ Voids, and with it, she’s planning a coup d’etat against Shu. And the “offer” she gave to Nanba was giving him her voluptuous body. Y’know, there was a guy Arisa used to have a crush on about some time ago. What was his name again? Oh yes, Gai Tsutsugami! Guess she forgot all about him when she let Nanba take advantage of her. Tramp…

OK, so Operation Exodus is about to begin, and Keido has something prepared for Shu, and Daath draws out someone’s Void.

So the plan is to have the student body clear a path so Shu can use an electrified charge to short out the machine controlling the Ghost units. The Ghosts decide to make the first move. The students recklessly charge at them only for them to get killed. Figures.

You sure did, Shu. So much for your plan, great leader.

Shu heads off, with Inori’s Void in hand and slices his way through multiple Endlaves. Now with the exception of Miyabi, none of the student body was able to take out even one Endlave. And if I recall correctly, one of the students’ Void was a bow. Did Shu ever bother thinking about having that one student snipe the Endlaves from long distance?! One can assume he didn’t.

And Miyabi shows why she’s my new favorite character. Go, Scythe-tan!! ♥

Anyway, Shu uses Ritsu’s Void, which is some sort of electrified short blade to short out the machine, thus shutting down the Ghosts. With Operation Exodus a success, the students escape, only before executing the plan to overthrow Shu. Inori rushes to Shu’s side only for a certain Void-manifesting gun to force Inori’s Void out. Then, another group of Endlaves come and attack while their guard is let down.

Well, Gai’s back to life. Magic crystals did indeed save him, folks.

Oh now that Gai’s back, you want to go back to riding his dick. And this happened after you gave yourself to Nanba. Whore…

Shu is only surprised to see his best friend back from the dead. However, this Gai seems not to be the one for catching up for lost time with his friend as he immediately cuts their reunion short, along with Shu’s right arm.

Oh, you thought Gai slicing Shu’s right arm off and taking the Void Genome is bad enough? Get this. The U.N.’s just made the decision to nuke Japan! Yep, they are soooo fucked now. I don’t think my mind can endure this any longer. I know there’s only five episodes left, but I’m almost at the breaking point with this show! Let’s be honest: Blowing up Japan seems to be the only way this show can ever hope to achieve a somewhat happy end.

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