The Future Diary #19: Yukiteru Strikes Backs

"What, are you dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I'm the Goddamn First."

Now that Yukiteru’s parents are DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!, He’s gonna become Batman!

The episode starts off with…

…a disclaimer? Okay… Anyway there’s a town meeting to have the Mother’s House shut down.

Interesting thing about this new OP I just noticed. It’s entirely sung in Engrish. Well, it’s not bad, but I’ve certainly heard worse. Much worse…

So another gathering with the remaining players has been called. Deus has announced that he’s dropping Yukiteru and Yuno out of the game because of their unexplained absenses in the past five days. And just when he’s about to lay down the law, Yukiteru and Yuno arrive in time. Yukiteru reveals the 11th, John Backs as the Mayor of Sakurami. And now that every one of the players know everyone’s identities, Deus sees no need to conceal them. Yukiteru explains that he discovered Backs’ identity during the five days and his plans to shut down the Mother’s House in order to get ahold on Kamado’s diary.

Yukiteru and Yuno form up a plan to form an alliance with Kamado to take down Backs. And by form up a plan, I mean Yuno writes up a script and Yukiteru follows it.

So Minene tells Nishijima about this, and it just so happens that Nishijima is assigned to be Backs’ bodyguard. Also, he mentions the results of the third corpse’s identity should be coming soon, also an interesting story about the Gasais: Turns out they were unable to give birth to children of their own and adopted Yuno…

Meanwhile, Yukiteru is about to start his attack on Backs, having already formed an alliance with Kamado and her orphans.

So the plan involves having Yukiteru delay Backs by throwing out sleeping gas, which is the orphans’ signal to attack. Meanwhile, we learn from one of the orphans that the only reason Kamado is participating in the game is because of her orphans. Well, that’s great! She’ll be dead by next episode.

Why is her arms always in the air like that? I'm thinking maybe it's because of her oversized head.

The plan goes as expected. Anyway, to sidetrack for a bit: More Engrish!

That aside, turns out Backs equipped his vehicle with disruptors, which cuts off the Child Diary’s connection to Kamado’s Diary. Right before the connection was lost, one of the orphans, who copied Yuno’s Diary via his Copy Diary, finds that Yukiteru double-crossed them. And now he, Yuno and her bitchin’ black dress start killing the orphans. So I guess Yukiteru decided to join Light Yagami, Lelouch vi Britannia, Sasuke Uchiha and Shu Ouma on their jump from off the slippery slope.

"Yeah, I'm gonna make everyone happy by killing everyone."

Kamado escapes in Backs’ vehicle and Yukiteru and Yuno give chase by using the other car left over. How the hell is he able to drive? He’s only 14!! Anyway, Yuno takes Yukiteru’s diary while he’s driving and notices that it states that Akise has identified the third corpse. Yuno tries to blow out one of the tires, but the car dodges. Backs’ diary, the Watcher Diary, can not only foresee his future, but can apparently follow the contents of other diaries. Overpowered!!

So Yukiteru manages to drive Backs off the road using the power of QUALITY CGI. Once they corner him, they’re interrupted by Akise and Minene. Akise hands Yukiteru a box which contains Yuno’s umbilical cord, which he got from the orphanage Yuno grew up in. Um… Ew? It turns out they used that to identify the third corpse. And our mystery third person is…

Get ready, you are not gonna believe this…

Yuno Gasai! In other words, the “Yuno” we’ve known up until now is an impostor who killed the real Yuno.

What is… What the hell is going on here?!

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