Steins;Gate #25 (Special): Mad Scientist in America

The last DVD/BD Special is out, you know what that means: Get your Dr. Pepper ready, it’s the Steins;Gate Special!!

So the episode starts off with Rintaro wandering the desert, saying that “The Organization” got to him. So how did we get here anyway? Well, let’s rewind to two weeks ago: Feyris was invited to participate in a Rai-Net battle in Los Angeles, and thus invited Rintaro and his friends to come along. They get a text from Kurisu saying that her research is almost finished, so she can join them. She invites Rintaro to come along as well using the tsundere method. So Rintaro, Daru, Mayuri and Ruka take the flight to America and the second they land, Rintaro’s causing himself problems.

So after Rintaro somehow gets out of jail, they meet up with Kurisu and already she and Rintaro are at it again. Later, they meet up with Feyris, who had just found out that they cancelled the hotel room that she booked for them, because Rintaro cannot allow “The Organization” to discover their plans. And because of his loud declarations, he gets arrested… again. Yeah, apparently Rintaro never realized that American police will arrest anybody for anything.

So at Kurisu’s place, Rintaro talks about how there may be other people who have some memories of other world lines. But Kurisu only remembers what happened at the radio tower. Anyway, they find a new place to stay at for the time being: A really shoddy-looking motel, or as Rintaro puts it: IT’S A MOTEL!! So they try to split rooming arrangements between the five of them. It gets kinda bothersome because there’s 3 males and two females. Remember, Ruka’s a male. Eventually they decide on Rintaro and Daru and Mayuri and Ruka sharing rooms with Kurisu staying alone.

...Gay. Yeah. There, I said it. I'll say it again: GAAAAAAAAAY!

So Rintaro and Daru decides to play a game of rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets the room. Rintaro loses, and he sees Kurisu who’s still awake. She brings him to her motel room to ask him about the world lines. Apparently the memories that she had in previous world lines surfaced in Kurisu’s dreams in this line. She tries to talk about another dream she had recently, the one where they kissed, but Rintaro teases her as usual.

And Rintaro discovers the world beyond Dr. Pepper. Just beware of Dr. Pepper 10. Manly drink, my ass; that shit tastes awful.

The next day, Feyris wins the Rai-Net battle and Ruka is apparently a hit with the fanbase. I guess they can’t resist a trap.

How did they know Ruka was male at first glance? Unless they saw him without a shirt or they saw his... y'know.

Meanwhile, Kurisu and Rintaro are working to pay for plane tickets. Meido Kurisu FTW. And as you figured, That means just Kurisu is working there. Rintaro steps out to see a woman who looks and sounds exactly like Suzuha hitch a ride somewhere and Rintaro takes a taxi to tail her. Since Suzuha isn’t supposed to exist for another seven years, Rintaro wonders if there’s a time machine in this world line. If there is, it could result in World War III.

The better question is why the black guy is here. Dude must change jobs every time he appears.

He follows her to a drive-in restaurant where he finds out that the woman isn’t Suzuha, but just a random woman who was participating in a Rai-Net tournament. She mentions that she went to a fortune teller who told her that she’d be married and have a kid in seven years. So yeah, this woman is indeed Suzuha’s mom. Too bad she and Daru don’t meet here.

Anyway, Rintaro finds himself in another pickle: He’s stranded in the middle of nowhere, with only 67 cents left and no battery power in his cell phone. So now we’re back to where the episode started, with Rintaro wandering the desert. Eventually Kurisu does find him, but she’s stranded too since she used up the remainder of the fuel in her car to get to him. Kurisu tells her the dream she had, and Rintaro tells her that he loved her in a previous world line. Rintaro tells her that he loves her now and asks her how she feels at this moment…

OMG OMG OMG, they’re gonna kiss again! They’re gonna kiss! They’re–Wait, what? It ended? Damn it!! What a cocktease. Eh, doesn’t matter. I still enjoyed watching the episode, either way. Now it’s time to wait impatiently for the movie.

2 thoughts on “Steins;Gate #25 (Special): Mad Scientist in America

  1. Eron

    Do you think it’s possible Ruka and Mayuri get together in the future? So maybe the result from episode 18 wasn’t all bad in the end?


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